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There’s a Whole Lotta Shakin Goin on…

On October 17, 1989 I left work at 3 PM to meet with my realtor and a contractor to inspect the house we were buying (the house we live in today). At 5:04 PM we were standing in front of our house discussing the inspection and we felt a little rumble, like a bus or truck […]

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How do I add content on LinkedIn to get the most views?

There are lots of ways to share content on LinkedIn. Some work better than others so you have to test to see what works best for your content. Here are a few ways to share your content on LinkedIn. 1. Start a Post from your personal LinkedIn account. Up to 1300 characters so keep it focused. 2. Post an […]

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Adding Skills and Services to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn recently added an Intro section to your profile where you can add skills and services near the top of your profile. Why should you add skills and services? If you are a consultant, coach, or service provider, adding your skills and services into your profile can help you rank near the top of LinkedIn search results. […]

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Why You Aren’t Closing Deals on LinkedIn

Everyone is jumping on the LinkedIn bandwagon these days because they think it’s easy to sell to your LinkedIn connections. I speak at events and teach LinkedIn to thousands of business professionals every year and LinkedIn is still a mystery to most people. Most still think it’s an online resume site. Others see LinkedIn as […]

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Organizing Your Pipeline with Sales Navigator Lists

I’ve been a big fan of Sales Navigator for years and it’s a mandatory tool if you are using LinkedIn to generate leads. Occasionally my clients will balk at the investment and I ask them what a new client is worth to them in dollar value. I then ask them “if you could close one more […]

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