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Why I’m Taking December Off

When I started my IT consulting practice in the late ‘90s I used to shut down my business from Thanksgiving until January. I assumed nobody would want to start new IT projects in December. People were busy wrapping up the final quarter of the year and coasting into the holidays. I thought the last thing they wanted […]

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Don’t Leave Me Hanging

The late, great Gary Halbert said it first.Amy Cuddy reinforced the notion in her best-selling book, Presence.What are they saying?People decide if they’re going to buy from you in the first 2 seconds.It’s not a conscious decision.It’s a subconscious decision.They spend the rest of their time justifying their decision.Most of the time they go with their […]

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[Webinar Replay] Creating an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Without a clear, solid offer, your sales will suffer. It’s more competitive than ever so creating a compelling offer will separate you from your competition.  Here’s the replay of my Creating an Offer They Can’t Refuse webinar. This week we start the hot seats in the Freedom Accelerator Academy where our group will give you feedback on your […]

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It’s the Little Things That Matter

When I worked at Cellular One in the early ‘90s, our CEO had a saying:  “It’s the little things that matter.”  After a meeting, she would be the last one to leave the conference room.   She would make sure the chairs were all pushed in.   No chairs blocked the walkways.   I helped her push the chairs […]

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Start a Zoom Meeting From LinkedIn Messaging?

You’re chatting with a prospect through LinkedIn messaging.They’re ready to get on the phone with you.You can:Send them your phone number orSend them a link to your calendarWhat if you could jump on a Zoom call right from the LinkedIn Message?Now you can!Watch this video to see how easy this is.

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