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This is not my first health crisis

When I first moved to San Francisco in 1980, my first job was in field service. I traveled around the San Francisco Bay Area fixing computer for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). I loved my job because I was getting paid to explore the area and I love fixing things. One of my accounts was San Francisco […]

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Sales Navigator Updates for Spring 2020

LinkedIn released their Sales Navigator updates with some exciting enhancements.  Smart Links Replaces PointDrive PointDrive is being replaced by a new content sharing tool, Smart Links. In case you aren’t familiar with PointDrive, it was a tool which allowed teams to share presentations and content with their prospects.  Think of the first release of Smart Links as the […]

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I paid you $6000 to tell me to write a book?

The master was in his element… Hiding behind his computer screen, I could hear his fingers typing furiously on his keyboard. Click, click, click,,, “Hmmmmmm” Click, click, click,,, “Ohhhhhhhhh” Click, click, click,,, He stands up and shouts “You need to write a book about Twitter” That’s the advice I got for $6000 plus travel expenses to Chicago for a two day coaching session? This […]

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Are you in it to win it?

As I watch my 49ers blow a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, I was reminded of a lesson I learned in 2008.  If you missed the Super Bowl, the Chiefs were the aggressors, doing everything they could to win the game.  The 49ers were passive, not taking chances. They didn’t want […]

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The Case Against Selling to Your LinkedIn Connections

You need to be different to stand out on LinkedIn. Here’s a totally different way to use LinkedIn that will blow people away. How does it feel when you log into LinkedIn and your inbox is full of solicitations? LinkedIn is turning into a spammy website and its time to change your approach. Instead of selling […]

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