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I (sort of) told Ted he should write this book in 2008. Actually at the time the topic du jour was Twitter, but I suggested to Entrepreneur Press that they make him their LinkedIn author. He grabbed hold of LinkedIn and ran with it. He’s become in my estimation the world’s #1 guy for power LinkedIn users.

The guy just enjoys helping people. He brings a sound, results-oriented philosophy of testing and definite outcomes - bankable outcomes like clients and gigs, not merely counting connections and social media points.

Ted is giving you a factual, practical, scientific way to build out your profile and publicity strategy. Follow the steps, get the result. - Perry Marshall 


 I've read several books on the topic, always looking for the book with the next level of where Social media is headed. This is it. The chapters on other very helpful apps to compliment Twitter is crucial to Social media survival today. Followed very importantly by current success stories.

If you are new to Twitter, don't worry, this book helps you there too - 4MoreShelflife - Amazon review

This book has a pleasant conversational tone, while loaded with clear advice. The case studies, interviews, and screen shots were very helpful. I also am glad he takes a stand on his favorite associated Twitter tools, as there are so many, it is quite useful to have some recommendations from an expert. - Paul A. - Amazon Review