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Ginger or Mary Ann?

Who’s your favorite?Ginger or Mary Ann? I’m sure you have a favorite.  There’s no middle ground.  Either you’re a fan of Ginger or Mary Ann. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Gilligan’s Island was a silly television show in the 1960’s.  7 castaways stranded on a desert isle after their boat crashed in a storm.  Brain-dead, stupid humor […]

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Are You Selling to the Wrong Audience?

We see a lot of car commercials on television. It seems like every set of commercial breaks include at least one car commercial. I noticed something the other day. Most commercials for cars like Ford, Chevrolet, Honda and Toyota focus on the interest rate and monthly payment. Commercials for BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes focus on the experience of driving […]

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Christmas is the Best Time to Send LinkedIn Messages

It’s that time of year again.You travel to spend the holidays with your family (84 million are doing this in the US).After 10 minutes you realize why you only visit your family once a year.They annoy the hell out of you. So you sneak away for some alone time as often as you can get away […]

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Can You Email Too Often?

There’s an ongoing debate about how often you should email your list. I used to send an email once a week or once every other week.  Sometimes once a month. Definitely not on a consistent basis.  Most of my clients fit into the same pattern of emailing once in a while with no definite purpose. Last year I joined Copy […]

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From the “You Can’t Make This S^!t Department

As soon as I pressed SEND on yesterday’s email, I received this InMail message on LinkedIn. How would you respond?I might respond to this message if I knew the person and worked with them in the past or had colleagues who could vouch for him. But to enter into a business relationship with a complete stranger… No thank […]

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