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Start a Zoom Meeting From LinkedIn Messaging?

You’re chatting with a prospect through LinkedIn messaging.They’re ready to get on the phone with you.You can:Send them your phone number orSend them a link to your calendarWhat if you could jump on a Zoom call right from the LinkedIn Message?Now you can!Watch this video to see how easy this is.

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Should We Talk Politics on LinkedIn?

I’m seeing more political posts on LinkedIn. It saddens me to see the Facebook political cesspool spilling over to LinkedIn. I’ve pretty much abandoned Facebook because I can’t stand the bickering and flood of fake content tearing our country apart. People aimlessly sharing content designed to polarize our country. There’s no way most of the content could be true […]

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Case Study: Warming Up a Cold Email List

I usually don’t share replays of my Freedom Accelerator Academy calls outside of the members area but this is one you need to see. Courtney Berg is an HR consultant looking to expand her business.  She didn’t email her list for two years and moved the list from Infusionsoft to SharpSpring. Her first email to her list from […]

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What the Heck Are You Selling Me?

My father-in-law Jack, was a big, burly guy with a loud, booming voice. Jack loved to listen to talk radio and watch golf on television. He would listen to Rush Limbaugh every day.  He’d yell at the radio constantly.  You would think Jack and Rush were debating with each other at the kitchen table drinking their martinis. Rush was poking […]

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Are You Trying Too Hard to Gain My Trust?

If you have to tell me in advance that you are going to provide value, does that really count as providing value? It’s funny how the universe works. This morning I was reading The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. I purchased this book a few years ago but never read it until now. For some […]

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