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Avital Miller

Transcendence: An Introduction to Advanced Manifestation

Avital Miller is a Galactic Experiences Creator.

Follow her on social media if you don't believe me.

I been watching Avital travel the world, living an amazing life.

She manifested the life she's living.

In our live interview, Avital will share:

1. Understand today's manifestation principles, especially for those who feel you aren't making headway using the manifestation tips you have been taught.

2. How to determine the correct course of action.

3. Gain the courage and confidence to take the leap!

Avital Miller, best-selling author of the books Healing Happens and Practice, is known for inspiring people to experience boundless energy, absolute happiness, and true success in order to live the best life possible.

A former program manager at Microsoft, she is an award-winning international keynote speaker, healing breakthrough facilitator, and global dancer.

Liana Ling

AI Success in Business and Marketing

In this live interview, we'll explore the groundbreaking impact of AI on business and marketing, offering insights that are not just forward-thinking but absolutely essential for anyone looking to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.

Here's what Liana will share:

1. Cutting-Edge AI Strategies: Uncover the latest in AI-driven marketing strategies that are setting new benchmarks for success.

2. Unparalleled Personalization: Learn how AI is enabling personalization at an unprecedented scale, transforming how we connect with our audiences.

3. Revolutionized Advertising Efficiency: Dive into the ways AI analytics are optimizing advertising spends, ensuring your investments are smarter and more fruitful than ever.

This is an invitation to join the forefront of marketing innovation. 

Viveka von Rosen

Unleash Your Legacy with Viveka Von Rosen

Susan RoAne

Susan RoAne shares her best-selling book How to Work a Room.

How to Work a Room is a lifechanging book with over 1.2 million books sold.

In this interview, author, Susan RoAne, shares her journey from schoolteacher to international speaker and author.

Tina Brandau

Redefining What's Possible and Becoming Unstoppable

Success coach Tina Brandau shares how to be unstoppable in this live event.

Tina shares:

✅ The tools, steps, and techniques I used to beat the odds and how they will help you redefine what’s possible.

✅ The next step for You to begin redefining Your path.

✅ How to discover the change You want and how to get it.

Tina Brandau is the premier leadership and business Success Coach who has dedicated her life to empowering others to create a greater impact.

Judith Culp Pearson

Is AI Right for Me?

Judith Culp Pearson is our guest and we're talking AI. 

In this live interview, Judith shares:

✅ How to "Be realistic." It's a catchphrase that can be a bonus or a minefield. 

✅ How to make a choice based on your specific individual business needs. 

✅ Creep don't dive in. 

Phil Telpner

Over 50 and recently laid off from big tech?

Phil Telpner is the founder of Breakout Private Wealth.

In this interview, Phil shares:

✅ Review compensation paying close attention to stock options and warrants as there is a high probability of a concentrated position you are unaware of.

✅ Great time to review or implement a financial plan. Plan should include a statement of financial purpose that aligns wealth with values. Investments, Tax Planning opportunities that may exist in a lower than average income year, risk management (insurance), estate planning, charitable giving strategies.

✅ Consult a specialist that has gone through the same things you are and has prospered.

Frenchie Ferenczi

Stay Close to the Money

Frenchie Ferenczi is a business and revenue growth expert.

In this interview, Frenchie shares:

✅ Why most business advice is bad.

✅ How to stay close to the money even when shiny objects want your attention.

✅ The one thing guaranteed to help you make more money.

Charlie Stivers

Finding high value content and best practices in cryptocurrency

Charlie Stivers was a licensed financial professional for 17 years and turned to crypto.

As an author and speaker, Charlie saw there was a need for a high-value crypto publication to learn safety, build confidence, and grow profitably.

In this interview, Charlie shares:

✅ GOO$E Magazine launches to be a trusted source of information for beginners and crypto curious.

✅ Find emerging companies and undiscovered gems that have a good chance of making an impact in the future.

✅ Best practices to stay safe and build confidence using crypto the right way.

Susan Trivers

3 Reasons Why You Should Raise Your Fees Today

You may be thinking this is not the time to raise your fees. The economy has been sending mixed messages for a while and a global session may be coming.

Pricing expert Susan Trivers will show you why this is the perfect time to raise your prices.

In this interview Susan shares:

✅ Your capability to deliver life changing differences grows daily.

✅ Clients and prospects want life changing differences.

✅ The Choice Framework makes it easy to connect fees to impacts delivered.

Paige Worthy

Find your brand voice and win hearts with words

Paige Worthy helps businesses that give a sh*t with their messaging, brand voice, and copy.

In our live interview Paige will share:

✅ There's a good chance many folks do what you do. But no one does it like you do it — or talks about it like you can. How can you lean into that?

✅ Finding and settling into your brand voice isn't easy, but it's gonna make everything so much better.

✅ NOT EVERYONE HAS TO LIKE YOU. In fact, it's better that way.

Eric Lofholm

Close More Sales Now with Eric Lofholm

Eric Lofholm has been my sales mentor for many years. His proven sales methodology helps thousands of his students sell more every day.

In this live interview Eric will be sharing:

✅ Mindset tip to increase your close ratio

✅ How preparation can double your sales

✅ How to keep your calendar filled with appointments

Sheral DeVaughn

It's Not A Connection If You're Standing Alone

We live in a world of virtual relationships which can leave us unfulfilled.

Communications expert Sheral DeVaughn is going to help us create deeper connections and relationships.

In this live interview Sheral will show us:

✅ The Importance of Mentorship, Coaches, and Networking Groups

✅ The Fine Art of Connecting With Your Audience- both personally and professionally

✅ How to connect with yourself to LEAP over your hurdles

Gary Wilkin

How to Make Retirement the Best Years of Your Life

Whether you're retired or just thinking about it, there are choices you face that can help you make retirement the best years of your life.

Gary's fundamental premise is:

✅ Having clear goals and taking small, consistent actions is how we create a life full of meaning and purpose.

Gary Wilkin, author of the recently released book, Awakening Your Dreams: Seven Principles To Create A Life You Love, shares his transition from a successful career in corporate IT to a fulfilling 'post-corporate' life and how the principles he discovered can help you with your own transition.

Jeeva Sam

There are no such things as marriage problems

Jeeva and Sulojana Sam are on a mission to save 50,000 marriages from divorce in the next 5 years.

They guarantee breakthrough for married couples facing breakdown in as little as 10 weeks.

They are also co-authors of The Unbreakable Marriage.

In this interview, Jeeva shares:

✅ There are two individuals with their own problems coupled together in a marriage. Together they’ll give birth to “marriage problems.”

✅ The key is to help each address their own problems, and receive healing for the hurts they brought into the marriage.

✅ Forgiving quickly and not nursing grudges can put counselors and therapists out of business.

Elaina Zucker

Secrets of Influence ® - Getting the Extra Edge

Influence expert, Elaina Zuker is my guest for this interview.

She is going to show us:

✅ WHY Influence Matters now - Trends and Issues in the "new" workplace that require you to be a better Influencer

✅ Our unique theory of Influence - how to have better "radar"

✅ The ONE big Secret: how to use it every day in life and work

Lorrie Morgan

A man walks into a bar...

What's the best way to learn about your prospect's biggest problems?

Have a beer or three with them at your local pub.

Once you know their biggest challenges, it's easy for you to write copy that hooks them every time.

In this interview, Lorrie Morgan shares how she's used John Carlton's Simple Writing System to become an A-list copywriter. ✅

This is your chance to be personally mentored by Lorrie as you learn the Simple Writing System.

Valerie Cobb

How your business can thrive by using fractional expertise

Valerie Cobb is a sales process and revenue management thoughtleader. 

She's also the host of The Revenue Maze Podcast.

In this interview, Valerie shares:

✅ Competition in the age of globalization- 3 R's...Resignation, Revenue, Resurrection.

✅ Why a "no decision" is your biggest competitor and what's causing indecision.

✅ What about cutting through the noise places your business on top?

✅ The Phoenix Effect

Tom Ruwitch

Why Storytellers Do It Better (Without Writer's Block)

Tom Ruwitch is the Founder and President of Story Power Marketing.

Tom is a master storyteller and helps coaches, consultants, and thought leaders power up their stories so they can captivate prospects and inspire them to buy.

In this interview, Tom shares:

✅ The best copywriters (in history and today) are storytellers

✅ Great storytellers conduct systematic research to discover the story. Anyone can learn how to do this.

✅ When you discover your prospects' stories, you have the building blocks you need to assemble great content. No more writer's block. No more getting stuck. 

Shawn Richards

The Triad of High Performing Teams

Shawn Richards helps leaders create high performing teams. He's passionate about helping new leaders learn the fundamental principles and skills needed to lead high-performing teams.

What happens to high-performing leaders? They get PROMOTED!

In this interview, Shawn shares about: 

✅ defining highly productive team.

✅ nurturing a positive culture in teams. 

✅ developing confident leaders.

Natalie King

Confidence as a Superpower with Natalie King

Natalie King is the confidence coach who works with introvert business owners who are struggling with self-doubt.

She empowers them to solve their inner conflict so they can build their business to suit their personality.

Empowering you to find and live your true north.

In this interview, Natalie will show you how:

✅ Everyone can become confident.

✅ How introverts can be confident.

✅ How to find your own way and you do you.

Mike McMahon

Why you should raise your prices during a recession

Mike McMahon is our guest in this live interview.

He shares why you should double or triple your prices during a recession. ✅

Gary Barnes

3 Keys for Success in Any Business!

Gary Barnes, The Traction Coach, helps people just like you to learn how to get past their self-defeating behaviors.

Gary helps business creators to:

✅ Stop running your business with "one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake"

✅ Live a life of vision and purpose, instead of exhausting yourself on the same old treadmill

✅ Create more financial success and abundance (without working yourself into the ground)

✅ Heal relationships and marriages by working with your money instead of against it

✅ Learn to market your business with integrity and authenticity

✅ Have a lot more fun in your business and your life!

Watch this interview with Gary to for great insight on the topics above!

Laura Belgray

I make a million dollars writing emails to my friends

Laura Belgray watches more television than anyone I know...

She so good at writing emails, she can send a couple of emails a week and take home over 7-figures a year. Rumor has it she's almost done watching every show on Netflix.

You do not want to miss this interview with Laura. I promise you will laugh your *ss off AND you will learn how to write emails people cannot wait to read (I know this for a fact because people tell me they can't wait for my next email thanks to Laura).

When was the last time someone said they wanted to receive more email?

Watch this video to see how you can write amazing emails that keep your readers on the edge of their seat.

Jürgen Strauss

Making Podcasting Human

Jürgen Strauss is this week's special guest. He is a podcasting expert who helps you market your podcast.

Here's what you will learn:

✅ You make money WITH your podcast, not from it!

✅ Relationships first - podcasting with impact

✅ Little things make a difference (how to stand out without a huge time cost)

Avital Miller

Full-Bodied Success Mastery

Avital Miller, best-selling author of the books Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds and Practice: Wisdom from the Downward Dog, inspires people to experience boundless energy, absolute happiness, and true success in order to live the best life possible.

Avital will share how to:

✅ Stay motivated and joyful in the work you do every day

✅ Instantaneously raise your energy, increasing productivity

✅ Overcome roadblocks no matter what challenge presents itself

Bob Woods

Your LinkedIn Profile: Lay the Foundation for Success

My friend and fellow LinkedIn expert, Bob Woods of Social Sales Link is our guest.

Here's what Bob will be sharing:

✅ You must convert your LinkedIn profile from a resume to a resource to be considered a thought leader.

✅ Attract, Teach, and Engage are the three words to keep in mind when making over your LinkedIn profile.

✅ Your About summary, Featured section, and Experience section are crucial to making you stand out from the crowd... and your competition. 

Nina Cooke

How to Stop Procrastinating

Nina Cooke, coach extraordinaire, is our guest this week.

In this live interview, Nina will share: 

How to stop procrastinating and grow your business

✅ It's not the activity that's causing the stress and resistance to doing it. It's how you're thinking about the activity that's causing the problem.

✅ Having a clear mind will help you to take action. 

✅ How to change your energy so you feel pulled to take action.

Gary Barnes

The Power of GET Statements

 Gary Barnes has developed GET Statements: Simple Strategies to Reboot Your Brain for Success. His proven process activates the reticular cells so you can see the opportunities before you. Gary has sold over $280 Million in products and services and is the genius behind GET Statements.

He is “The Breakthrough Business Mastery Coach”. A high-performance business and sales coach, popular national and international speaker & Award winning #1 International Amazon best-selling author (7 books). Gary’s clients span over 7 countries and he has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS & TEDx.

Rena Koesler

Hitting the Trail with Purpose in 2022

Rena Koelser is a Business Coach that is influenced by Adventure: The ability to lead others into a growth mindset.

In this live interview Rena will share:

✅ Rediscovering or identifying your purpose in life and in business.

✅ 5 steps to move closer to your summit (goal or aspiration)

✅ Influence without character is dead-end leadership.

Learn more about Rena and her adventures at https://renakoesler.com

Laura Belgray

How to create "shut up and take my money" emails

I met Laura Belgray in 2019 and not to be stereotypical but she taught me how to turn my boring emails into engaging masterpieces.

This interview is going to change your approach to email marketing so people can't wait for your next email (when was the last time you were excited about receiving email?)

Laura is going to show you how to:

✅ Seed interest
✅ Whip up desire
✅ Overcome objections
✅ Get people so excited, they race to buy the second you open the cart
✅ Hook the most resistant, "nope, not gonna buy" readers
✅ Sell more than you ever thought possible.... leaving your initial "big hairy goal" in the dust!

Tom Ruwitch

Why Storytellers Do It Better (Without Writer's Block).

Tom Ruwitch is the Founder and President of Story Power Marketing. 

Doreen Downing

Boost Your Confidence with these Fearless Speaking Secrets

It's not every day you get to interview one of your mentors who changed your life.

In this live interview, my guest Doreen Downing will share how she helps people overcome their fear of speaking in public and in group settings.

I struggled with speaking up in group settings and feared speaking in public. Doreen changed my life.

Doreen will share:

✅ You can calm your mind and body in a matter of seconds with the right relaxation technique.

✅ You can stay present in the here and now and avoid focusing on the past and projecting into the future

✅ You can engage your audience by learning how to listen to them while you speak.

Gary Wilkin

What is the fastest way to success?

Gary Wilken helps seasoned professionals transform their lives from “I have to…” to a life of “I want to…”

In today's interview Gary shares:

✅ The incredible power of ‘why’

✅ 3 Keys to an effective plan

✅ The fastest way to success is…

Ed Winslow

How to use identity factors to find new income streams using SEO

Ed Winslow, founder of NicheQuest is our special guest.

In this live interview, you will learn:

✅ How Peleton Uses ID Factors

✅ How to compete when everyone is copying each other.

✅ A few simple tricks to get immediate results with Google My Business and Your Blog

Roberta Guise

Does your reputation really matter?

Roberta Guise, is our guest and she's going to share why your reputation matters more than ever.

Roberta says shaping your reputation is like swimming in San Francisco Bay — it gets easier each time you dip your toes in the water.

She can help you develop your personal brand, elevate your standing in your area of expertise, get known for your innovative ideas or transform from expert to acknowledged authority,

Lisa Rothman

Why a desk in the hall is a terrible idea

2020 forced us to work at home.

Nobody was prepared.

We saw some pretty bad home studio setups. Dogs barking, Kids screaming, Bad lighting. Bad sound. Blurry video.

Work at home expert Lisa Rothman says a desk in the hall is a terrible idea.

In this live interview, Lisa will share her best Work From Home life lessons in a humorous way

Lisa will share:

✅ Extreme Manspread: The Covid Years... Home Office Edition would make a great reality show.
✅ Laughter helps.
✅ Virtual fun at work is more important now than ever.

Ari Galper

Make more sales by helping people, not by selling your solution.

Ari Galper, the World’s #1 Authority on Trust-Based Selling is our live guest.

Are will share:
✅ How to stop “chasing" potential clients
✅ New ways to create deep trust in your sales process
✅ How to stop playing the “numbers” game and focus on your ideal clients

Brian Kurtz

The compound interest derived from relationship capital with Brian Kurtz

Every successful business professional knows the necessity of building relationships.

Marketing legend Brian Kurtz is a master at building relationships.

In this live interview, Brian shares how his relationships grow exponentially like compound interest. ✅

Diane Pleuss

Debunking Franchise Myths 

Franchise expert Diane Pleuss is our guest on this LinkedIn Live. Diane is the founds of FranChoice, helping you find the right franchise.

Diane will share:

✅ Franchise options - There is so much more than fast food and French fries

✅ Don't have a million dollars? No problem. Learn about funding solutions.

✅ Do you have what it takes to be a franchise owner?

Ryan Baker

The Most Common Barrier To Growth Nobody Is Talking About

Ryan Baker, the founder of Kingly Consulting is our guest on this live interview.

Ryan started Kingly Consulting to change the world’s perspective on growth strategy. We have been looking through a broken lens for the past several decades and it is starting to catch up with us.

In this interview, Ryan will share:

✅ The Barrier Shows Up In Different Ways

✅ You Can't Help Others If You're Focused On Yourself

✅ When You Get Out Of Your Own Way, Everything Gets Easier

Stefaan De Vreese

How to use free time to become more productive

In this live interview, Stefaan De Vreese shares:

Time management: How to strategically use free time to become more productive

What you'll learn:

✅ Time management is so vast, find the systems, principles, tools that work for you.

✅ Time management is an exercise in self-awareness.

✅ Create habits, routines, and non-negotiables

David George Brooke

Why now is the perfect time for gratitude

David George Brooke, The Gratitude Guy is our special guest.

In this live interview, David will share:

✅ The power of a positive mindset

✅ Writing makes it more powerful.

✅ Gratitude Intentions provide a road to the future.

Marcelle Allen

Campaign trajectory and how doodling the data can empower sales professionals

In this live interview, Marcelle Allen shares:

✅ Posting is not the same as running an appointments or getting paid although some posts get you sizable opportunities!

✅ When we notice our own patterns, we can improve them and our results.

✅ How an attitude adjustment may serve some better than speeding things up.

Holly Woods

How Your Precise Purpose is the Puzzle Piece for What We Need Now

Holly Woods is our guest speaker and she will share:

✅ Your purpose lives inside you and is the impulse behind everything you do (aka The Golden Thread). You just don't know it (can't see it) and therefore may be missing the call (off-target).

✅ Knowing your purpose so precisely allows you to reorient your life and work to be more "in tune" with yourself, leading to focus, direction, innovation and alignment in every aspect of your life.

✅ As you innovate from this internal alignment, your purpose becomes a puzzle piece to meet the world's greatest needs because it is aligned with "the field" (talking quantum physics here) and has an innate natural intelligence that guides you and your work. Your products and business suddenly take off like rockets because you are living aligned with the natural order/impulse. The world needs your puzzle piece more than ever.

Hugh Liddle

Take the Icky & Scary Out of Sales with Hugh Liddle

THE Sales Wizard Hugh Liddle is the founder of Red Cap Sales Coaching.

In this LIVE interview, Hugh will be sharing:

✅ Creating your sales philosophy
✅ The power of open-ended questions
✅ Using YOU statements to close the sale

Theresa Pantanella

High Cost of Ads Got You Down?

In this interview Theresa Pantanella will show you practical ways to reduce your ad costs.

A taste of what Theresa will share:

✅ Know your potential clients' level of awareness of your product/service

✅ The message in the ad matches the message on the landing page

✅ Strategically use the video view ad objective to build retargeting audiences

Bill Prater

How To Triple Your Monthly Income In A Year

Business consultant Bill Prater creates and executes business strategies for business.

This week Bill shares his tips for increasing monthly income.

✅ Focus on a single goal at a time.

✅ Get started now. Don't wait until it is perfectly planned.

✅ Make sure the right things get done every day.

Steve Rosenbaum

LinkedIn Dominance with Steve Rosenbaum

Marketing expert and business coach Steve Rosenbaum shares how he uses LinkedIn to generate leads for his business.

What you will learn from Steve in this interactive interview:

✅ Dominate the LinkedIn Algorithm to Instantly Boost Your Authority and Credibility and Attract the Best Clients, Jobs & Gigs.

✅ The 15 Minute Daily Checklist for LinkedIn Dominance.

✅ Flawless Followup with your LinkedIn Connections

Bryan Rider

Simple Messaging Techniques That Most Business Owners Miss

Business advisor and ecommerce business investor shares:

✅ Why 95% of business offers have poor conversion

✅ A quick 3 step process so you can know exactly what to say to your audience

✅ Less is more in today's noisy world

David Garfinkel

Powerful Headlines That Ramp Up Your Business with David Garfinkel

The words in your marketing can make the difference between success and failure.

David Garfinkel will reveal:

✅ Why your lead-generation headline should NEVER be about you

✅ Proven "Magic Words" that get attention and create curiosity

✅ Short or long headline? Here's how to decide

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