Very deep thinking for a Monday morning, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

I received an email this morning that struck a cord. 

You know those messages that come out of nowhere and hit you like a ton of bricks? 

The email was from Srikumar Rao of The Rao Institute. 

One reason we are generally dissatisfied with our life is that we make it a transaction. Or, more precisely, a series of transactions. 

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs and they all want to deliver great customer service. 

To paraphrase Srikuma's email, if you deliver great customer service, your customers will be happy and hire you more often. 

Even better, they will refer you to their friends and colleagues. 

Your business and life will thrive when you provide great customer service. 

When you focus on delivering great customer service with the intention to generate more business, you are creating a transaction. 

You are bending over backward to provide great customer service only because you think it will help you make more money. 

What if you delivered great customer service with no expectation of generating more revenue? 

You deliver great customer service because that's the kind of person you are. 

Helping others makes you feel great. 

I grew up working in my parent's restaurant. 

They provided good food with great service. 

They didn't intentionally measure their customer service. 

Nothing made them feel better than watching a smiling customer with a full belly waddle out of the restaurant. 

Rao says, "After you have been doing this consistently for a while, you no longer do it to ‘feel good’. You do it because that is the kind of person you have become. 

And that is when the greatest benefits of this exercise kick in." 

What are your hidden motives for doing good things for others? 

I told you this was very deep thinking... 


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