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My career started way back in 1980, after I moved west from a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania. I was 21 and Silicon Valley was the best place for me to find a job in the computer golden-gate-2industry so off I went.

I worked for incredible companies like IBM, DEC and Cellular One, all industry leaders at the time. I got my foot into the computer industry just as it took off in the 1980's. I moved into computer networking as it evolved then moved into the cellular industry when cell phones were bigger than a brick.

In the late 1990's, during the dot com boom, I started my own consulting firm because I wanted to spend more time with my family. My business took off and I had the flexibility to drive my kids on field trips and coach their soccer, basketball, softball and baseball teams. I wouldn't trade those years for anything.

When the dot com crash hit in 2000-2001, my business collapsed and my twenty year career in the tech world ended abruptly. My safety net was gone and my previous jobs disappeared. At age 40, I needed to start my career over.

I started building websites for small business owners, doing search engine optimization and online advertising. My business was back on track again.

Then the financial collapse in 2008 crushed my business again. Many of my clients went out of business and the survivors stopped spending money.

I was fortunate enough to find a full-time job doing online marketing and SEO for a software company in 2009. I managed online advertising campaigns around the world and loved my job. I was spending over $50,000 per month on online ads and doing SEO for 12 international websites.

Once again, my career took another abrupt turn in early 2013 when my job was outsourced during a restructuring.

I'm back on my own again, loving my freedom. I learned many hard lessons over the years and my business is now as recession-proof as it can be.

I'm helping businesses with their online marketing by managing their online advertising and improving their campaign ROI. Life is good and I'm here to help you.

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Do you ever feel alone as an entrepreneur, running your business all by yourself, trying to manage things on your own, not knowing which steps are important and which are a waste of time…

If your friends and family love and care about you, but have no idea how to support you because they have regular jobs and careers, have no clue what to tell you when you need help with strategy or marketing (or whatever is holding you back)…

If you’ve ever wanted a mentor, someone who’s been through the trenches, started multiple businesses, who’s succeeded (and failed) multiple times, and who knows the difference between the two…

If you are serious about working with me, CLICK HERE to get started.

Serious inquiries only please.

I'm not cheap but I'm worth every penny. I won't work with you unless I feel like I can at least 10X your investment.

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