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The Millionaire Mind | Epiosde 61 with Ted Prodromou

LinkedIn Pro Tips for Amplifying Your Business Network with Ted Prodromou

Ted has been an entrepreneur, business coach, social media strategist, and online lead-generation expert for over 20 years.

He survived the dot com crash, which wiped out his successful twenty-year tech career, and the financial collapse in 2008, which turned my business upside down. He started his first business in 1999 because of the freedom it provided.

For Ted, there's nothing better than hearing the excitement in his client's voices when their phones ring off the hook due to a simple tip he gave them.

Experience networking nirvana with Ted Prodromou as he reveals expert strategies to dominate LinkedIn like a pro. Join us to discover the hidden gems from his books, learn how to effectively leverage social media platforms, and skyrocket your success in the digital realm. Transform your online presence for unparalleled achievements today!

How to Grow Your Online Presence: Tips & Advice from Ted Prodromou

Ted is an author, consultant and online marketing expert specializing in advertising, social media, lead generation and search engine optimization. 

Ted helps people that are in small and medium sized businesses grow the internet and their earnings through a global presence on their online business.

Ted is the author of “The Growing Ultimate Series for Businesses”, and he’s written “Ultimate Guides to LinkedIn and Twitter” and “How to Grow Your Business to 150-Million Customers in 10 minutes."

He’s been an entrepreneur, featured in all these wonderful magazines, and he does “The Seven Steps to LinkedIn Success”, so you know, this guy has a lot going for him.

Join us as my friend, Ted, shares his tips for Growing Your Online Presence.

Building a Business on LinkedIn: Tips & Advice from LinkedIn Pro, Ted Prodromou

Do you spend hours each week nurturing your LinkedIn network?

Or do you waste time sending out repetitive, poorly-worded invitations through automation that lead to few or no responses?

If either scenario sounds like you, this episode with Ted mastermind and author of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business, will be your new favorite.

In Perry Marshall's words, Ted is "the world’s #1 guy for power LinkedIn users. Others may be better known for teaching newbies, but for serious hands-on people", Ted is your man.

Create a professional LinkedIn profile that showcases your achievements and builds your personal brand.

Listen to Ted's tips & advice and his thoughts on niching down!

Marketing That Grows Your Business

How to Use LinkedIn to Build High-Value Relationships - Interview with Kim Garst.

LinkedIn… we know it's THE social media platform for businesses, right? But… the big BUT is, are you still struggling to grow your network with meaningful connections on LinkedIn?

Maybe, you simply don’t know where to start?

If so, join me and my special guest, Ted Prodromou, a leading LinkedIn coach, as we talk about developing relationships on LinkedIn so you can grow a healthy network of the right peeps!

The 417 Marketing Podcast: How To Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn With Ted Prodromou

Are you confused when it comes to LinkedIn? Or unsure if you need a LinkedIn in the first place? This is the episode for you.

Our guest in this episode is Ted Prodromou. Ted is the author of The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, as well as a speaker, author, and online advertising consultant, generating leads for his clients using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms. These days he’s primarily focused on LinkedIn coaching, and is known as the Premiere LinkedIn Coach for the United States of America. He also works in Canada, Australia, and various other countries.

He teaches online and in person classes on LinkedIn, and in his past life worked for high tech companies like IBM, DEC, and Cellular One before starting his own consulting firm in 1999.

Influencing on Camera: Ted's Tips on How to Utilize LinkedIn Like a Human!

The incredibly witty and humble Ted Prodromou is spilling the deets on the "REAL LINKEDIN" and what you need to know! Are you the CEO of your business? Do you want to leverage Linkedin and enhance your business? 

Publish. Promote. Profit. The Podcast: Accidental Book Deal Leads to Big Opportunities!

Ted Prodromou, America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach, is the award-winning, best-selling author of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business. Ted is a social selling and online advertising expert and the founder of Search Marketing Simplified, LLC, a full-service social media marketing firm. 

The SMS team creates advanced LinkedIn and social media lead-generation strategies for small to medium-sized businesses with over $100 million in revenue generated for his clients. 

Ted has been featured on, New York Times, CNBC, and Forbes.

Listen to this informative Publish Promote Profit episode with Ted Prodromou about creating business opportunities with books.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

  • How investing in mentorship is beneficial and can lead to a book deal.
  • Why books can make the best business cards.
  • How advertising on LinkedIn is done at the enterprise level.
  • How many people don’t know how to use LinkedIn correctly.
  • Why it’s vital to use a real message when reaching out to people on LinkedIn.

Find Your Voice, Change Your Life Podcast: Introverts Have a Voice, Too!

Today, I interview Ted Prodromou who talks about his shy beginnings as an introverted child. He later realized that he had been carrying around years of hurt from being picked on by his siblings. It had really impacted his self-esteem and courage! As adults, his sibling’s later apology brought about the sudden realization of the root cause of his fear.

The good news is that healing can come anytime! It’s not too late! Ted later found himself leading a great team and communicating confidently with the group. He shares the way Speaking Circles changed his life!

The Inner Chief Podcast: Perception, Connecting Properly with Purpose, and Standing Out Online.

In this episode, we meet Ted Prodromou, America’s #1 LinkedIn Coach, and talk about perception, connecting properly with purpose, and standing out online.

As you will pick up from this episode, Ted has bounced back from many setbacks and offers up a number of immediately actionable tips for super-charging both your LinkedIn profile, but also your online presence and online etiquette in general.

  • How Ted got made redundant 3 times in 12 years;
  • How co-writing a book with Perry Marshall launched his LinkedIn Coaching career, where he now teaches people how to connect properly with purpose;
  • Some tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out;
  • How to dial up your LinkedIn content management so that you are perceived to be associated with well-known brands.
  • Copywriters Podcast with David Garfinkel: New Opportunities on LinkedIn

    I am thrilled to announce our returning champion, Ted Prodromou. Ted’s known as America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach. He’s the best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, and the Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business.

    We had Ted on the show not too long ago, and with all the changes going on over at LinkedIn, it was time to bring him back.

    He’s founder of Search Marketing Simplified, a social media marketing firm.

    Besides Copywriters Podcast, Ted has also been featured on, The New York Times, CNBC and Forbes.

    I don’t see any reason to wait a minute longer, except to say this:

    Here’s what we asked him:

    Let’s start with you telling us what’s new on LinkedIn?

    How are people using marketing on LinkedIn these days, and what kind of results are they getting?

    What are some LinkedIn marketing techniques most people don’t know about, or don’t use, or are using wrong?

    If someone’s brand new to LinkedIn, what are the first steps?

    What are the most common problems your clients come to you with, and what can you tell us about what you advise them?

    Connection Strategies: LinkedIn for Business, Part 1 with Ted Prodromou

    Ron's guest, Ted is a LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn trainer, LinkedIn consultant, social media speaker, social media trainer, online advertising expert, pay-per-click advertising expert, and keynote speaker.

    Listen in as Ted Prodromou shares his thoughts on social selling and how to make the most from LinkedIn. This is a show you don’t want to miss!!

    Connection Strategies: LinkedIn for Business, Part 2 with Ted Prodromou

    Ron's guest, Ted Prodromou, author of "The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business" joins him to cover several updates, and other related subjects about LinkedIn and its features.

    The Maze Marketing Podcast: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile with Ted Prodromou

    If you’re skeptical about the effectiveness of LinkedIn for individual business owners, then listen to this conversation Rob and Jonathan had with Ted Prodromou, author of LinkedIn for Business.

    LinkedIn puts your profile in front of 1000s of people each day. So, it’s worth spending some time updating and optimizing your profile.

    In this podcast, Rob, Jonathan and Ted talk about…

    • The importance of using keywords throughout your profile
    • Treating your professional headline and summary like a Google ad
    • Why using Groups is more challenging than it used to be
    • The power of the ‘Insight Tag’
    • Why you should be posting content to your company page
    • The different types of LinkedIn ads that you need to pay attention to
    • LinkedIn is not just for B2B
    • And why, even with LinkedIn, you should be building relationships with people not directly sell to them.

    Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast: Interview with Ted Prodromou

    Ted Prodrumou, America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach, is the author of five best-selling books including Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business. He’s had a wild ride in his career and started from scratch again when he was 52 years old. He is a social selling expert and the founder of search marketing simplified, a full-service social media training firm.

     Listen in as he shares:

    - The importance of personality development training that has helped him with his struggling mindset on how to sell himself as a coach

    - How he survived the dot com crash and other economy and market recessions by constantly reinventing himself

    - Why getting laid off his dream job allowed him to write very successful business books despite not having written a book his entire life

    - How his mindset saved him from struggling in the first downturn of the economy in the last 20 years

    - The secret of his resiliency and how he manages to pick himself up and move forward with every setback he gets

    - The importance of self-care and daily alone time to start your day right

    - The right way to start online conversations on LinkedIn.

    The Bright Ideas Business Podcast: Little Known Secrets for Leveraging LinkedIn for Lead Generation

    Today we interview Ted Prodromou, a Twitter & LinkedIn Expert. He is the author of “Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business” and “Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business”.

    Our discussion focuses on ways to leverage LinkedIn to help you generate more leads. This episode is not a LinkedIn primer, it is for people who already have a profile and want to learn ways to use LinkedIn to find ideal customers, engage with them and get a conversation going that can result in new business.

    Below Zero to Hero: A Little Bit Each Day Goes a Long Way

    In this episode, Ted Prodromou interviews with The Fail Coach, to discuss failing forward, and how a little bit each day goes a long way!

    Entrepreneur's HQ: Creating Your Powerful Morning Routine

    Lifestyle Entrepreneur at Search Marketing Simplified, LLC. Ted Prodromou spent over 20 years working in the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley with highly competitive, high-growth companies including IBM, DEC and Cellular One. Time is money is an understatement in Silicon Valley.

    Jason Lexell Interview: Getting the Most from LinkedIn

    Have you wondered how to get traction with the Internet's largest directory of business professionals? In today's interview we speak with Ted Prodromou author of the definitive guide to LinkedIN and super nice guy. 

    Conscious Millionaire Marketing Podcast: Find Potential Coaching Clients on LinkedIn with Ted Prodromou

    Join us as Ted Prodromou shares his insights and knowledge on how to market to attract more clients, close more sales, and grow faster to reach your first million. This is the show for business coaches and consultants who want to create a positive impact and make your First Million!

    Cashflow Ninja: America's Leading LinkedIn Coach Shares Ninja Strategies to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

    People call him America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach. He is the founder of Search Marketing Simplified, LLC, a full-service online marketing agency. The SMS team designs and implements advanced LinkedIn and social media lead-generation strategies for small to medium-sized businesses. SMS will set up and manage your marketing funnels using organic, social and paid traffic. Ted has been working with the internet since 1991, long before Al Gore invented it!

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