What's the worst that could happen? Blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Remember the first time you attended a networking event or a conference? 

I bet you were nervous. 

I was. 

As you walked into the room, there were dozens of people chatting away in small groups. 

You slowly circled the room looking for a familiar face... 

...but you didn't know a single person. 

You felt like a fish out of water. 

You're thinking, "How do I start a conversation with a stranger?" 

"How do I break into one of the conversation circles and not come off as rude?" 

You are not alone. 

My first networking events were a disaster (at least in my mind). 

I'm shy and I'd rather walk on broken glass than start a conversation with a complete stranger. 

What I didn't realize was most people consider themself shy and are nervous at networking events. 

Nobody wants to come off like the blowhard who constantly brags about his fancy car or expensive house. 

You know the type. 

He's so busy talking about himself that he never hears a word you say. 

So, how do you get past your fears and strike up a conversation with a stranger? 

In her best-selling book, How to Work a Room (over 1.2 million copies sold), Susan RoAne shares strategies that help you become a top-notch networker.  

How to work in a room the ultimate guide to making lasting connections in person and online.

It's not about working the room like the blowhard. 

It's about striking up conversations and building long-term relationships. 

Susan says to find a friendly face and introduce yourself. 

Tell them this is your first time at the event and you're a little nervous. 

Think to yourself, "What's the worst that could happen?" 

I've been to hundreds of networking events and not once did someone make fun of me for introducing myself. 

This Thursday, February 22nd at 11:30 Pacific/2:30 Eastern, Susan RoAne will be our guest at the Mastermind Book Club

There is no admission fee for the book club so join us

If you aren't into book clubs, you can tune in here

>>> Here's a short interview I did with Susan last week so you can get to know her. 


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