Don't be this guy, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Alex was determined to leave a lasting impression. 

With his elevator pitch polished to perfection, a pocket full of business cards (does anyone still use business cards?), and a mental list of personal achievements, he was ready to network his way to success. 

Alex zeroed in on a group, interrupting their conversation to introduce himself. 

Without waiting for a natural pause, Alex launched into his well-rehearsed pitch, overwhelming the group with information about himself without showing any interest in their stories. 

As he shoved business cards into their hands, he noticed the group's interest waning. 

They responded with polite nods but little enthusiasm. 

Undeterred, Alex continued to dominate the conversation, talking about his accomplishments. 

One by one, people began to excuse themselves from the conversation, leaving Alex standing alone, bewildered at the turn of events. 

I'm sure you've met your share of Alex's. 

Networking isn't just about selling yourself; it's about creating mutual value through listening, engaging in meaningful conversations, and showing genuine interest in others. 

This story serves as a powerful reminder of what networking is truly about. 

It's not the number of business cards you hand out or how perfectly you've memorized your pitch. 

It's about the quality of your interactions and the genuine connections you forge. 

By prioritizing empathy and engagement over sheer self-promotion, you can build relationships that are not only more meaningful but also more likely to lead to lasting professional success. 

Alex's experience is a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of approaching networking with the right mindset. 

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