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Facebook Security: How to Limit Access to Your Account

You need to remove apps in your Facebook account to limit who can see your LinkedIn profile data. Go to Settings in your Facebook account and select Apps. You will see a lot of apps in this section. Over time, you allowed permission for all of these apps to access your Facebook profile data and […]

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How to Sell Without Selling Part II

As you move towards your close, try using Dan Sullivan’s infamous question. “If we were meeting three years from today—and you were to look back over those three years to today—what has to have happened during that period, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy about your progress?” Then stop talking and listen. […]

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How to Sell Without Selling Webinar Replays

Get Your Early Bird Pricing Class Starts Monday March 26th Bonus video: The Values Pyramid Day 1 Values-based Selling: Who Do You Want As A Client – What Do You Want Out Of Life Matt Gillogly shares his thoughts on the power of your values when designing your business. Using his values pyramid, Matt clearly defines […]

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How to Sell Without Selling Part 1

Matt Gillogly shares the “how to sell without selling” strategies he used at his men’s clinics. It’s important to know the biggest fear of your prospects. It’s not about needing a consistent flow of new clients. It’s not about generating consistent revenue for their business. It’s about their fear of not making payroll and having […]

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How to Sell Without Selling: Establish Yourself as an Authority

When a doctor tells you that you need triple bypass surgery, you don’t negotiate with him to start with one bypass and see how it goes. How do you establish yourself as the authority in your niche? First you need to determine what your prospect’s biggest problem is. Perry Marshall calls this “the bleeding neck”. […]

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