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Are you looking for the Kindle version of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business Third Edition?

Buy the eTextbook version of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business Third Edition if you have a Kindle.

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LinkedIn (Company) Page Best Practices

LinkedIn recently rolled out a major upgrade to their Company Pages. Now called LinkedIn Pages, were built from the ground up and the focus is building a community and meaningful conversations on your Page. Page admins can interact with people who are interacting with the content you post. This strengthens your community and fosters more […]

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How to Close More Sales Now with Eric Lofholm

Here’s the replay from today’s webinar with Eric Lofholm. Eric’s system is very simple and based on creating scripts for every step of the sales process. When you create your monthly sales goals and map out your step-by-step process, you’ll see measurable results in no time.

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Nude modeling clients from LinkedIn?

My first deal from LinkedIn was…   …doing a nude sketch for my first client.   Sounds crazy doesn’t it?   Well, Terrilynn Moore was starting a new career as an artist and she executed my simple LinkedIn system to get her very first client.   You have to hear this story to believe it.

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LinkedIn Hashtags are back and crushing it

LinkedIn recently brought back an oldie but goodie.    And they made it even more powerful than ever.   Remember when Twitter introduced the concept of hashtags and it took off like wildfire?   For years, LinkedIn let us add hashtags in our content and our status updates then they stopped promoting it a few […]

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