Is this the end of subject matter experts? Blog article written by Ted Prodromou.

Perry Marshall says, “Subject matter experts” will be commoditized, with a very small handful turning into rock stars. 

If you're an expert on marketing, AI can commoditize ordinary information about marketing. 

But if you are on the cutting edge of any subject, people need someone they can trust. 

AI is not very good at giving you information if less than 200 people are talking about it. 

What isn't changing is that people want to learn from people. 

And the need for trust went up 10X. 

Perry thinks this might be the most important “AI concept” to grasp. 

We are rapidly accelerating into the age of deep fakes, no longer being sure that just because something was on video, it was real. 

We're quickly entering a time when anything you see on video or on the internet is suspect. 

If you can't verify that it's from a real person you know and trust, then you're not even sure it's true. 

AI will 10X the value of trustworthy people the same way Spotify 10x'd the price of a concert ticket. 

That’s the billion-dollar Star Business waiting to happen. 

Today, Tuesday, April 2nd at Noon Pacific/3 PM Eastern, I'm interviewing Perry Marshall on a LinkedIn Live. 

Tune in to hear Perry's AI predictions and how you can prepare for it. 

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