Yesterday, Susan RoAne was our guest speaker in the Mastermind Book Club.

Susan is the best-selling author of How to Work a Room which has been a best selling book for over 30 years.

Susan entertained us for over an hour with interesting stories and powerful quotes.

This is how she is.

Authentic, entertaining and no filter.

Here are some of the highlights from yesterday's call.

Here are 10 quotes from the transcript:

“Networking is what we do. How to work room is how to do the socializing.”

“Don't wait, initiate.”

“Everyone has a wonderful story, but if we listen, and we're interested, they will tell it to us.”

“When you're working room or looking to mentor someone, I think a shared sense of humor is so vastly important for communication and feeling comfortable.”

“Listen with your ears, your eyes, your face, and your heart.”

“In the final analysis, what people will remember are the warmth, interest, and enthusiasm they feel from you.”

“Be a Sultan of Segue.”

“Chance encounters can change our lives.”

“Bring who you are to what you do. People connect with who you are. What you do doesn't mean squat to them.”

“We should all be able to say something off the cuff that has nothing to do with our business and our sales.”

These quotes capture a fraction of the key insights and advice shared during the class.

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