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What Never to Put in Your LinkedIn Profile

I see hundreds of LinkedIn profiles every day, some good, most horrible. What makes a good LinkedIn profile? I consider a LinkedIn profile good when it catches my attention and stands out from the thousands of other professionals who do what you do in a professional way. Catching my attention doesn’t mean using a seductive […]

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LinkedIn Network Size: Small, Medium or Large?

This debate continues in my Business Accelerator Action Group. Is it better to have a small, medium, large or even extra-large (30K limit) network? There is no wrong or right answer. It depends on your objective for using LinkedIn.  Here are a few of the pros and cons of each network Small Network Pros Very focused […]

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Should I Accept This LinkedIn Invitation?

When I meet people and tell them I’ve written three best-selling books about LinkedIn, they excitedly tell me “I’m on LinkedIn too and I have hundreds of people asking me to connect. What do I do with all of those invitations?” Well it depends… What’s your purpose for being on LinkedIn? When I wrote Ultimate […]

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Why Content Marketing May Hurt Your Business with Melonie Dodaro

LinkedIn and social selling expert, Melonie Dodaro, makes a bold statement in this edition of Social Selling TV. Melonie claims content marketing may hurt your business. What?Yes if you don’t have a content strategy and simply post content to post content, your business reputation may suffer. Melonie shares lots of other great LinkedIn and social […]

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Are you looking for the Kindle version of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business Third Edition?

Buy the eTextbook version of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business Third Edition if you have a Kindle.

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