Meet my team of LinkedIn experts, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Yesterday I saw a job posting on UpWork for LinkedIn marketing experts. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: I've had a profile on UpWork for years, but I've never accepted any contracts. 

Keep reading to learn why... 

Here is a portion of the job posting for LinkedIn experts: 

First, please DO NOT SEND us ChatGPT created proposals, just answer my questions below... 

Looking for a company with a team of VAs who are Linkedin marketing experts. 

Your team has to have minimum 10 mature Linkedin profiles (1000+ connections, 6+ months old). 

Please send their URLs to prove you have them. 

You will: 

1) send a Linkedin message sequence (we provide the copy) to a list of people that we will provide, 

2) tell them via Linkedin about our program, 

3) find 20 people who respond positively to your messages and want to hear about the program (fill in a form to book an appointment). 

4) Compile monthly reports of generated leads / appointments 

Here's what got me really excited about this opportunity: 


We pay: 

1) $100 for every 20 appointments set PLUS (wow a whopping $5 per appointment) 

2) $500 from each package we sell. We convert at 60%. 

If your team generates 100 appointments per month with your 10 profiles, we expect to sell 60+ packages month. 

It means you will receive $500 right away for appointments (in batches, after they are booked) and on top of it you will make $500*60=30,000/month. 

And if you have more profiles and can generate more appointments you can make $50,000/month and more. 

It’s a long-term project. 

Sounds like a great opportunity to make some serious bank for just cutting and pasting messages. 

I bet they are overwhelmed with applications from offshore VA agencies who specialize in LinkedIn spamming. 

I would love to see the messages they are sending and the offer they promote that converts at 60% from cold messages. 

Now you know why you are inundated with endless LinkedIn sales pitches from offshore workers. 

How many LinkedIn sales pitches do you receive every day? 

How often do you jump on a call from a LinkedIn sales pitch? 

- Ted 

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