This is only the second time I've had to do this. Blog article written by Ted Prodromou.

How much is too much? 

I recently connected with someone on LinkedIn who looked legit... 

...then the pitchfest started. 

I ignore sales pitches because I know if I engage, it's like opening Pandora's Box. 

Day 1: Friendly "thanks for connecting" banter with an invitation to do a free strategy session with her. 

I can deal with that. 

Day 2: A longer sales pitch to get on a strategy call to learn ways I can get more exposure for my business. 

Okay, she's probably using automation to send daily messages. 

Day 3: An even longer sales pitch and a stronger invitation to get on a call. 

Most of the time people will send three messages, then disappear. 

Her messages were straight sales pitches. 

Her messages were all about her and her service. 

Not once did she ask about me or my business other than inviting me to a call. 

How does she know I need her services? 

How does she know I'm a qualified lead? 

She was hell bent on getting me on a "strategy session" call. 

Does she do strategy calls with EVERY new LinkedIn connection? 

I used to invite new LinkedIn connections to a 10-minute "get to know you" call. 

I wasted so much time. 

After three attempts, most people get the message and stop sending sales pitches. 

This woman, who will remain nameless, continued the daily sales pitches. 

I finally responded, "I'm not interested. Your cold sales pitches are annoying" 

She continued to annoy me with messages day after day. 

I replied, "UNCLE. Please stop" 

She replied, "Before we say goodbye, how about we get on a call so I can show you the benefits of our system that will get you more exposure online and increase your brand reach?" 

I removed her as a connection. 

She's only the second person I've removed as a connection. 

The first person I removed as a connection told me he was the scorpion and I was the frog. 

He said he was put on this earth to eliminate the frogs. 

I know you have to ask for the sale, but you also need to read the room. 

Don't annoy complete strangers with endless messages. 

Prequalify your leads before you invest 30 minutes of your time on a strategy call. 

How do you handle LinkedIn cold sales pitches? 

- Ted 

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