Beyond the Boardroom, July in Review. Article written by Ted Prodromou

Welcome to Beyond the Boardroom - July in Review.

Each month I will write a summary of my almost-daily emails where I highlight the possibilities and opportunities awaiting those stepping away from corporate life.

First up:

Yes, I did play with wooden swords - July 17

I was born before the internet existed, and I started working with the internet in 1991, right after Al Gore invented it. 

I learned SEO when it consisted of stuffing keywords into your META Keyword tag and waiting months for Google to crawl your website. 

And if you're wondering... 

Yes, I did play with wooden swords. 

Read this article for more. 

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My hometown is famous - July 18

Last week, my hometown, in the middle of nowhere, became famous...

....For all the wrong reasons.

Read this article to find out why, and how it relates directly to you and your business!

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What if you could take marketing off your plate? - July 19

Running a business is hard... Doing your own marketing is even harder. 

Should I run ads? 

What content should I create? 

How long should my videos be? 

How often should I post? 

You get it. 

Read this article if you wish you could take marketing off your plate. 

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How to Spot a Fake AI Expert: 5 Essential Tips - July 21

Every day I see dozens of articles and social media posts about AI. 

The newly minted AI “experts” are declaring victory. 

These marketers cracked the AI code in just a few days, while others have been working with AI for their entire careers. 

They really figured it out in record time! 

With so many experts out there, it is important to be able to spot a fake 'expert.' Read this article for tips on how to spot a fake AI expert. 

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A novel approach to networking - July 24

People struggle with networking online. 

So... Here's an idea. 

Attend a local, in-person networking event. 

Practice casual conversations. 

Don't try to meet everyone on your first visit. 

Focus on getting to know 2-3 people. 

Get to know them beyond "What do you do?" 

Read this article for my tips. Visit my website's blog, or find it on LinkedIn

Sick of Being Pitched to on LinkedIn? You're not Alone - July 26

When I wrote the first edition of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business in 2012, I had 642 LinkedIn connections. 

Business was booming with 642 LinkedIn connections, so I set out to reach the 30,000 connection limit. 

More Connections = More Money right? 

Read this article for more of the story. Visit my website's blog, or find it on LinkedIn

If Elvis was on LinkedIn - July 27

You're just starting your career as a concert producer and you're looking for clients. 

Elvis is in the prime of his career. 

Hotter than hot. 

You have zero experience with big names. 

Why not take a shot and see if Elvis would be open to having you manage a world tour? 

What could possibly go wrong? 

Read this article to find out. Visit my website's blog, or find it on LinkedIn

Forget Waiting on Hold, Use LinkedIn Ads for Speedy Customer Service - July 31

Twitter used to be a great resource for getting the attention of customer service, but it doesn't work as well as it used to.

Read this article for a great example of how we can spend a small amount and get an almost immediate response, instead of sitting on hold for hours.

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That's all for this month.

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- Ted

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