Exposing the Truth: How LinkedIn 'Gurus' Are Hacking the System, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Do you use hacks? 

In case you're not familiar with hacks, the definition is "a clever tip or technique for doing or improving something." 

Shortcuts to success... ...without doing much work. 

I'll be honest. 

I've tried countless marketing and LinkedIn hacks to grow my business. 

Eventually, I realized shortcuts don't work (I can be stubborn at times). 

How do internet marketing hacks work? 

When someone discovers a loophole that generates more leads, marketers jump on it. 

And they kill it. 


Your window of opportunity is short. 

Also, hacks don't always attract the best customers. 

The latest LinkedIn hack gives you thousands of content views and lots of comments. 

I see some LinkedIn "gurus" receiving tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of content views. 

And thousands of "real" comments. 

I invested in a course from one of these "gurus" to see how he does it. 

It was a good LinkedIn course. 

I followed his advice, but I didn't receive tens of thousands of content views. 

I didn't even receive a hundred views which made me suspicious. 

How is this guy hacking the LinkedIn algorithm to get so many views? 

The truth came out last week. 

These guys are buying hundreds of LinkedIn profiles that have over 5000 connections. 

On one site you can buy 2500 LinkedIn connections for $299. 

Next, you hire offshore workers to run these accounts. 

The trick is, you post at a predetermined time and the offshore workers start liking and commenting immediately after you post. 

The LinkedIn algo goes crazy. 

Eventually, LinkedIn will figure this out and close the loophole. 

When people use hacks to sell you a course, they leave out the dark secret that makes the hack work. 

Hacks may give you a short-term boost, but hacks never last. 

Hacks may even get you banned. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can't build a successful business using just hacks. 

Building a successful business is hard. 

Hard work, consistency, and relationships are the keys to long-term business success. 

Want to see how I get real clients from LinkedIn without using hacks or gimmicks? 

LinkedIn Conversion Secrets is the exact blueprint I use to nurture new LinkedIn connections from strangers to raving fans. 

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- Ted 

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