My hometown is famous, blog article written by Ted Prodromou.

My hometown is famous. 

For all the wrong reasons. 

Last week, my hometown of Warren, Pennsylvania became famous. 

I have to admit, it was strange seeing Warren on the national news day after day. 

My friends joked that Andy and Barney were to blame. 

Warren is a lot like Mayberry. 

Not much crime. 

Most people never lock their doors. 

Stolen bicycles are the most common crime. 

For the first time ever, someone escaped from the Warren County jail. 

Michael Burham, a career criminal accused of murder, kidnapping, rape, burglary, and other crimes, was held in Warren County jail. 

In the exercise area, he climbed a piece of gym equipment through a grate on the roof and slid down a rope he made from bed sheets. 

Just like you see in the movies. 

He was on the run for nine days in the middle of the Allegheny National Forest. 

The Allegheny National Forest is very thick and hard to navigate. 

Lots of bugs and humidity this time of year. 

Warren is in the middle of nowhere. 

Erie is the closest "major" city, 60 miles away. 

After nine days on the run, Burham was only a few miles from the jail when a barking dog alerted his owner. 

Burham saw an opportunity to escape but didn't have a plan once he was free. 

He had no plan B. 

There are many times I didn't have a Plan B. 

I wish I had a Plan B when the dot com crash hit. 

I wish I had a Plan B in 2008 when the financial markets collapsed. 

Luckily, I did have a Plan B when I was laid off in 2013, but it was pure luck, not brilliant planning. 

The first editions of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business came out. 

I was in Perry Marshall's Roundtable planning my second exit from the corporate world when layoffs accelerated my plans. 

Do you have a Plan B for your business? 

Leave a comment a let me know. 

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