Sick of Being Pitched to on LinkedIn? You're Not Alone. Blog article written by Ted Prodromou.

When I wrote the first edition of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business in 2012, I had 642 LinkedIn connections. 

Business was booming with 642 LinkedIn connections, so I set out to reach the 30,000 connection limit. 

More Connections = More Money right? 

When my network was small, I could keep in touch with my network. 

On my journey to 30,000 connections, I was so busy adding connections that I stopped interacting with my network on a personal level. 

More connections did not turn into more business. 

10 years ago you could "connect and pitch" your network on LinkedIn because nobody was doing it. 

Today, people are sick and tired of being pitched to. 

People do not log on to LinkedIn to be sold to. 

For years, I've been teaching my clients not to "connect and pitch". 

But I see my former clients "connecting and pitching" and teaching their clients to "connect and pitch". 

It breaks my heart because they ignore my advice and "spray and pray" sales pitches until they get a new client. 

Clients who respond to "spray and pray" messages turn out to be nightmare clients. 

They are desperate and see you as their last hope. 

Your chances of solving their business problems lie somewhere between slim and none. 

They will wear you out and beg for a refund. 

My theory is the less you pitch the more you sell. 

Start conversations. 

Build strong relationships with a few people. 

Create your Center of Influence (your core professional network). 

Instead of selling directly to your prospects, find professionals who are already doing business with your prospects. 

If you are a cybersecurity expert, create a Center of Influence with attorneys who represent companies after being hacked and sued. 

Or connect with insurance brokers who sell cybersecurity insurance. 

Companies have to do business with these attorneys and insurance brokers. 

Your Center of Influence network is a win/win/win/win for everyone. 

You get more business from referrals. 

The attorney gets more referrals. 

The insurance broker gets more referrals. 

The client's problem is solved on many levels. 

Please don't "connect and pitch". 

Who is already doing business with your prospects who could be in your Center of Influence network? 

- Ted 

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