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Is the recession affecting your business?

  The media is pounding the “[tag-tec]recession[/tag-tec]” word into our heads. Turn on the television or radio and you’ll hear it. Pick up your newspaper or any business-related magazine and you’ll see it. The internet is full of the "R" word. Technically we’re not in a recession but we sure feel like we are. The […]

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Packer Bikini Girls – How To Get Free Publicity

Did you watch the NFC Championship game yesterday? The [tag-tec]Green Bay Packers[/tag-tec] hosted the [tag-tec]New York Giants[/tag-tec] on the [tag-ice]frozen tundra of Lambeau Field[/tag-ice] in The Ice Bowl II. It was a balmy 0 degrees with a wind chill of -22 degrees when the game started and the temperature dipped to -4 with a windchill […]

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Are you perfect like the New England Patriots?

The [tag-tec]New England Patriots[/tag-tec] are a perfect 18-0 this season heading into the [tag-ice]Super Bowl[/tag-ice]. They’ve won more games this season than any team in history. If they win the Super Bowl they’ll finish a perfect 19-0, a feat that is equal to some of the greatest accomplishments in sports. To finish the season 19-0 […]

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Why do you trust Apple?

[tag-tec]Apple[/tag-tec] is a media darling. For some reason they can do no wrong in the media. Everyone loves Apple’s commmercials and advertising. Everyone loves Apple’s products. Everyone loves Steve Jobs, who is God to all Mac users. Everyone loves the cool look of every Apple product. What isn’t there to love about Apple? Well, the […]

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MacBook Air – Will it break as often as the iPhone?

[tag-ice]Steve Jobs[/tag-ice] has done it again. [tag-tec]Apple[/tag-tec] announced the world’s smallest laptop yesterday at MacWorld., the [tag-tec]MacBook Air[/tag-tec]. The [tag-ice]MacBook Air[/tag-ice] features a 13.3-inch LED-backlit widescreen display that has a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. The backlighting saves power and provides "instant on" response from the moment you turn it on. The device has a […]

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