I’m sure you’ve seen Elon Musk break his unbreakable windows on his new Tesla Cybertruck during the LIVE unveiling. 

“We threw everything at these windows including a kitchen sink and we couldn’t break the windows” 

Until the live demo. LOL. 

We know Elon thinks on a different level, coming up with revolutionary ideas like PayPal, battery operated cars, the hyperloop, landing perfectly synchronized rockets back onto the launchpad  and launching his Tesla Roadster into space with an astronaut manikin behind the wheel. 

He’s definitely the Thomas Edison of our generation. 

Often he steps WAY over the line like when he smoked a joint while being interviewed on The Joe Rogan Experience or when he got busted by the SEC for tweeting about taking his company private which instantly affected the stock price. 

He acts like his businesses are unbreakable but he flirts with bankruptcy on a regular basis (sound like someone else we know?) 

No pain no gain? 

Sorry I’m an introvert who likes stability in his business. I don’t make outrageous claims and promises. I’m a pretty conservative guy who likes to stay in his lane (thanks Mom for keeping me in line) 

Hell, my wife Ellen won’t even let me post pictures of her on social media and I’m known as a social media thought-leader. I keep telling her it’s my job to share our lives on social media and gives me “the look” 🙂 

Is your business unbreakable? 

I'm sure you remember the financial collapse in 2008.

Fortune 500 businesses collapsed after being in business for over 100 years. I had no idea so many “successful” businesses were flirting with disaster. 

Their razor-thin profit margins were so low that the sudden downturn in the economy wiped them out in a few months. They had minimal cash reserves and counted on a high volume of sales which disappeared almost overnight. 

Mark my words, the economy IS going to slow down at some point, hopefully not like 2008. 

It will happen because the economy goes in cycles. 

We’ve been on a 10 year ride almost straight up and what goes up must come down. 

Perry Marshall sounded the alarm before the 2008 collapse. He warned us to prepare for the downturn. He warned us not to keep all of our eggs in one basket. He warned us to cut expenses and hoard cash. 

Perry has been sounding the alarm again. Nobody can predict exactly when it will happen, but it will happen and Perry seems to have his finger on the pulse. 

Can your business survive if you lost you best customer? One of my clients is struggling with this right now. 

Do you have enough cash reserves to meet payroll if you lose 50% of your revenue in 2020? 

I’m listening to Perry this time. 

I didn’t listen to him in 2008 because my business was booming and thought the downturn would be minimal (like I know how to predict the magnitude of recessions). 

My web agency lost about 80% of it’s revenue in 2008-2009 when most of my "for-profit" clients turned into "non-profits” in 2009. (80/20 strikes again dammit!) 

I closed my doors and had to find a 9-5 job to provide for my family. We were very close to losing it all because I thought my business was unbreakable. 

Not this time. Bring on that recession because I'm ready!

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