Dean Jackson, yes that Dean Jackson, the marketing legend, was one of the speakers at Copy Chief Live. 

Those of you who follow me know I’m a huge fan of Dean Jackson’s 9 Word Email (Google it if you’re not familiar because it’s a game changer)

Dean is always innovating and testing new marketing and sales processes. 

At Copy Chief Live, Dean shared his latest revelation. 

The concept is very simple.

It’s an on/off state. 

He calls it Now or Not Now.

Either the prospect is ready to buy right now or they aren’t.

Yes or No.

It’s as simple as that.

If they aren’t ready to say YES right now doesn’t mean they’ll never buy from you. It’s just not the right time for various reasons.

They may be ready to buy in a week, maybe a month or maybe a year from now. 

Some will never be ready to buy from you and that’s okay. There are plenty of fish in the ocean and you can’t be everything to everybody.

You need to keep your message in front of them so they remember you when their state switches from Not Now to Now. 

The other day I made you an offer to join my 20x20 Coaching program because I had one spot open (sorry it’s been filled).

I had tons of interest. 

Many of you said Not Now but definitely next year when your finances are in better shape or after you get through the year end crush. 

Most of you told me Not Now and one person said Now.

In case you’re wondering, the 20x20 Coaching program is a one-on-one coaching program where we transform your business so you can work 20 hours a week or less and generate $20k or more per month.

I’ll be here when you’re ready. 


P.S. I spent yesterday at Dreamforce and at LinkedIn’s San Francisco HQ. I got the inside scoop on what Salesforce and LinkedIn are doing in 2020. 

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