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To the top of Google in 6 minutes!

Colin McDougal, one of my mentors, taught me a great trick the other day. He showed my how to get on the first page of Google in just 6 minutes. Yes 6 minutes. Of course I was skeptical so I gave it a try. One of my clients recently wrote a new article called Friday […]

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Maximizing your website ROI

How much is your website costing you every month? Do you have any idea how much you spend on hosting, website maintenance, website development, and website promotion? What about the hidden expenses of running an online business. I’m sure you know exactly how much you’re taking in every month but very few people know exactly […]

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Google Knockout!

If you’re using Google Adwords to drive traffic to your website then you need to read the latest post on Google’s blog. They’re really cracking down on salesy websites. This is a good thing because there are so many crappy websites out there selling garbage. http://adwords.blogspot.com/2007/09/websites-that-may-merit-low-landing.html Make sure you comply with Google’s landing page guidelines […]

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What is Michael Vick thinking?

[tag]Michael Vick[/tag] is being charged with running a [tag]dog fighting[/tag] business. His partners have pleaded guilty in a plea bargain agreement and they’re ready to tell all about the operation. The evidence against Michael Vick is overwhelming and he’s trying to deny any involvement. It’s another case of a celebrity thinking he’s above the law. […]

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The passing of a legend

Bill Walsh, the legendary coach of the San Francisco 49ers, passed away yesterday. He was only 75 years old. For those of you that don’t follow football, Bill Walsh not only turned around one of the worst franchises in history, he changed the game of football forever with his innovative ideas. Walsh took over the […]

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