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How to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend, mentor and all-around good guy, Gary Barnes. Gary shares his 3 keys to success in any business in any economic environment. Join Gary and Ted in Denver at the Breakthrough Business Mastery conference. January 18th-20th Here’s the full transcript Ted:                 Okay, welcome everybody. I’m Ted Prodromou and […]

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The Eavesdrop Effect With Dov Gordon

Finding new clients can be challenging.  Finding great clients is even more challenging. When you find great clients who really appreciate what you do for them, it makes your day.  Unfortunately, we don’t find great clients as often as we like. Imagine being able to listen in on the conversation in your prospect’s mind… sorta like Mel Gibson […]

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Life is so precious…

Greg Woodcox pleaded with his friends to leave everything behind and flee. The firestorm that would become known as the Camp Fire was bearing down on their rural home. They had only seconds to get out.   Despite Woodcox’s efforts to save the small group, a fast-moving wall of flames overtook their vehicles as they […]

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I Just Received My First LinkedIn Death Threat

I was chatting with a new LinkedIn connection today about SEO. We were having a nice back and forth then all hell broke loose. Him: I can tell that being 36 years old…I have the business savvy with the technical know-how…I’ve ran this virtual business for 12 years plus now…I’ve been making a living online…so…I […]

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How to Limit Your LinkedIn Notifications

LinkedIn notifications can be a blessing and a curse. To be effective on LinkedIn you need to react quickly to new notifications. the bad news is you can be overwhelmed with notifications and miss critical notifications. In this video, I will show you how to control which notifications you receive on LinkedIn. Focusing on the […]

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