Everything you need to know about AI, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

I'm positive Perry Marshall has a crystal ball. 

I've seen him accurately predict the future numerous times. 

He predicted the 2008 financial collapse in 2006. 

He's predicted numerous online marketing trends a year or two before they happened. 

Last week Perry shared his perspective of AI from the 10,000' level. 

Perry shared nugget after nugget in our one-hour interview. 

Little did I know this would turn into a controversial event. 

While we covered a range of topics, it's impossible to cover every aspect of AI in one interview. 

Viewers wanted more details and one person wanted his money back (it was a free LinkedIn Live interview). 

He was outraged because Perry said we needed to build our own AI using our own intellectual capital but didn't give details. 

He also thought $1999 was too much to spend on a three-day AI seminar where the best-of-the-best AI experts would be sharing their best strategies. 

Sorry, but there's no way you can teach everything you need to know about AI in a free one-hour interview. 

A three-day seminar will get you started, but you have to surround yourself with experts you trust who will share the latest trends as they develop. 

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P.S. Want to see more of Perry's predictions? 

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