The AI crackdown begins, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

You knew this was coming. 

Opportunity seekers creating 100% AI-generated content to make a quick buck. 

LinkedIn is full of AI-generated content. 

AI-generated books are flooding Amazon. 

YouTube is full of AI-generated videos. 

I heard of a scam the other day that made me cringe. 

I won't name names but this person is offering to make you a five-time Amazon best seller for $2000. 

They find a New York Times best-selling book related to your niche. 

They create five AI-generated books directly from the best-selling book written by a famous author. 

Pure plagiarism. 

It's sad to see what people will do to make a buck. 

I received this email from last week. 


We are writing to notify you of policy updates that may impact your participation in the Medium Partner Program. 

Medium is for human storytelling, not AI-generated writing. 

We recently defined and clarified our specific policies around the different uses of AI-generated content and technologies, and what is allowed in the Medium Partner Program. 

You can read those policies in our Help Center. 

Beginning May 1, 2024, stories with AI-generated writing (disclosed as such or not) are not allowed to be paywalled as part of our Partner Program. Accounts that have fully AI-generated writing behind the paywall may have those stories removed from the paywall, and/or have their Partner Program enrollment revoked. 

I've been publishing articles on Medium since 2017. 

I have over 1000 Medium articles all written by me. 

Yes, I use AI to generate ideas but I still prefer to write my own content. 

I love writing. 

I get into a zone while writing. 

I'll never put my name on AI-generated content. 

What do you think about AI-generated content? 

Leave a comment and let me know. 


P.S. If you want to become an AI top one percenter, grab a ticket to Perry Marshall's Definitive AI Summit. 

P.P.S I'm taking some time off so I'll see you in early May when I return.  

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