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Free Coaching Friday Replay

Here’s the replay of Free Coaching Friday. If you want coaching like this twice a month, join us in the Freedom Xcelerator community.

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How Do You Know When the Time is Right?

 Dean Jackson, yes that Dean Jackson, the marketing legend, was one of the speakers at Copy Chief Live.  Those of you who follow me know I’m a huge fan of Dean Jackson’s 9 Word Email (Google it if you’re not familiar because it’s a game changer) Dean is always innovating and testing new marketing and sales processes.  At […]

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The Case Against LinkedIn: Stop Sending 50 Connection Requests a Day!

It’s become common practice for LinkedIn “experts” to recommend you send 50 invitations to connect every day. They recommend 50 invitations a day because they’ve determined this is the “magic number” which lets you stay below LinkedIn’s radar.  “Sales is a numbers game and if you connect with enough people on LinkedIn you will eventually make a […]

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Intro to LinkedIn Advertising

Here’s a brief overview of LinkedIn advertising. LinkedIn advertising has so many new options so I’m going to create a new course Intro to LinkedIn Advertising for my next online class in Digital Marketing Classroom. 

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How do I add content on LinkedIn to get the most views?

There are lots of ways to share content on LinkedIn. Some work better than others so you have to test to see what works best for your content. Here are a few ways to share your content on LinkedIn. 1. Start a Post from your personal LinkedIn account. Up to 1300 characters so keep it focused. 2. Post an […]

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