Cold Messaging: The Silent Business Killer, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Every day, someone on LinkedIn offers to get me more leads. 

Not just leads. 

Highly-qualified leads. 

What does "highly-qualified" mean? 

My friend, Aleasha Bahr, stirred the hornet's nest with a LinkedIn post. 


This sparked an interesting debate that carried over to our Mastermind Book Club call. 

One way of generating new business is cold calling or cold messaging on social media. 

This is a numbers game. 

Send enough messages and eventually, you will land a new client. 

Is it okay to annoy 999 people to land one new client? 

I've done plenty of cold pitching over the years. 

Yes, eventually I would land a new client. 

Want to know how many good clients I landed by cold messaging? 

Not many. 

From my experience, cold messaging attracts desperate clients. 

They're at the end of their rope. 

They are low on cash. 

Hiring you is their last attempt at staying in business. 

They expect you to fix all of their business problems and make them profitable in a few days. 

They wear you out with questions. 

They whine constantly. 

They expect miracles. 

Chances are the engagement will end with a lose/lose scenario and plenty of hard feelings. 

One person on Aleasha's post supported cold messaging. 

He said some people have no money so they need to cold message to generate cashflow. 

How many businesses make it to six or seven-figures without spending any money on marketing and PR? 

Plenty of startup owners ask me for help. 

They rarely have a marketing budget. 

They never have a marketing strategy. 

Cold messaging won't help these businesses. 

They'll get a one-and-done client that often asks for a refund. 

Even worse, they do a chargeback and give you a negative online review. 

I used to try to help these people. 

Now, I just say "no". 

Next week I'll share some ideas to help you create your marketing strategy. 

Have a safe weekend. 


P.S. In case you missed our Mastermind Book Club call with Brian Kurtz, here's the replay

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