When 41 percent is a majority, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Today, I received this message on LinkedIn. 

Dear Ted, 

Ensure compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing with a thorough understanding of microbiology 

Microbiology control is a key factor in pharmaceutical manufacturing. This two-day course, starting November 9th at 1 PM ET, will give you a solid introduction to microbiology, so you can engage in the required control measures, investigations, and corrective actions. 

Boy did they miss the mark. 

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and microbiology have never been in my LinkedIn profile. 

I've been a techie and marketing nerd my entire career. 

The software they're using to scrape my LinkedIn profile is severely flawed. 

Maybe their AI isn't ready for primetime. 

Sending messages like this can hurt your reputation. 

In this case, they are so far off the mark, there's no chance I'd ever be a customer so their reputation doesn't matter to me. 

The sad news is they're probably paying a LinkedIn "expert" a lot of money to generate leads. 

The reputation of the LinkedIn "expert" could take a hit when they miss the mark by a million miles. 


In the book Overdeliver, Brian Kurtz talks about 41 percent being a majority. 


The direct marketing rule of thumb is 40/40/20. 

40 percent of direct marketing success is based on targeting, segmentation, and quality of the list. 

40 percent is based on how relevant and irresistible the offer is. 

20 percent is based on the quality of the creative material and messaging. 

Over time, Kurtz realized the optimal formula is 41/39/20. 

The list is 41 percent. 

The offer is 39 percent. 

The creative is 20 percent. 

This formula is based on mailing millions of pieces of direct mail. 

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