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I love Western Digital!

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, BACKUP YOUR DATA! I’ve heard it a million times and I’ve been telling my clients to back up their data for almost 30 years (am I really that old?) My friend Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with "sketch")  is a backup evangelist. She is the queen of backups and […]

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Is your waiter trying to trick you?

I came across an interesting blog post that talked about a trick waiters use to persuade you into ordering a specific dish. The post is located at The trick is that they tilt their head about 10 to 15 degrees and smile slightly as they suggest a dish. For some reason this subtle gesture […]

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Is the recession affecting your business?

  The media is pounding the “[tag-tec]recession[/tag-tec]” word into our heads. Turn on the television or radio and you’ll hear it. Pick up your newspaper or any business-related magazine and you’ll see it. The internet is full of the "R" word. Technically we’re not in a recession but we sure feel like we are. The […]

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Packer Bikini Girls – How To Get Free Publicity

Did you watch the NFC Championship game yesterday? The [tag-tec]Green Bay Packers[/tag-tec] hosted the [tag-tec]New York Giants[/tag-tec] on the [tag-ice]frozen tundra of Lambeau Field[/tag-ice] in The Ice Bowl II. It was a balmy 0 degrees with a wind chill of -22 degrees when the game started and the temperature dipped to -4 with a windchill […]

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Are you perfect like the New England Patriots?

The [tag-tec]New England Patriots[/tag-tec] are a perfect 18-0 this season heading into the [tag-ice]Super Bowl[/tag-ice]. They’ve won more games this season than any team in history. If they win the Super Bowl they’ll finish a perfect 19-0, a feat that is equal to some of the greatest accomplishments in sports. To finish the season 19-0 […]

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