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Top Web 2.0 Websites

  Web 2.0 websites  Blog sites   Social Bookmarking sites     Social networking sites   News/Article submission sites   Video/slide submission sites […]

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An exciting 2008 for Action Plan Marketing

Robert, Thanks for the great post at I’m going to spend more time writing articles, ebooks and blogging about making money online using Web 2.0 techniques. I’ve been very successful using Web 2.0 to promote my websites and blogs so it’s time for me to teach others. I’m going to do free teleclasses and […]

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Stop teasing me!!

The guys at StomperNet are at it again. They keep releasing the best internet training I’ve ever seen in small drips. It’s the old carrot and stick thing where they hold that carrot just out of our reach making you chase it. And chase it and chase it again. It’s worse than chasing that beautiful […]

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To Blog or Not to Blog

Blogging has been around for some time now but most people still think blogs are just personal diaries written by lonely people that ramble aimlessly. Blogs have come of age and today there are many really cool blogs that contain very useful and entertaining information. In fact, many businesses now use blogs to carry on […]

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Social Media is just like Punk Rock?

I just stumbled upon an interesting blog by [tag-tec]Mitch Joel[/tag-tec] that really caught my attention. Mitch is comparing [tag-ice]Social Media[/tag-ice] to Punk Rock and he has some interesting points in his latest post. Punk Rock is raw, unharnessed energy that either turns you into a raving fan of the music or you completely hate it […]

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