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Creating an Offer They Can't Refuse

Friday October 30th 10 AM PST/1 PM EST

My father-in-law Jack, was a big, burly guy with a loud, booming voice.

Jack loved to listen to talk radio and watch golf on television.

He would listen to Rush Limbaugh every day. 

He’d yell at the radio constantly. 

You would think Jack and Rush were debating with each other at the kitchen table drinking their martinis.

Rush was poking the bear and Jack would erupt with a loud roar.

Jack used to yell at the television too. 

He hated it when Tiger Woods would do his infamous fist pump after making a big shot or winning the Masters.

“Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus never did that. They won with class” Jack would scream. 

Jack also loved to yell at television commercials, especially when he didn’t know what they were selling.

I’m sure you’ve seen ads that have left you scratching your head wondering what they were selling. 

Jack would scream “What the hell are they selling?”

The ad has zero connection with the product they’re selling. 

Here’s an example. Can you tell me what they’re selling in this commercial?

I see a lot of bad Facebook and Google ads that leave me scratching my head. 

The ad doesn’t clearly tell me what I’m going to receive if I click on the ad. 

Even worse, you click on the ad, download a lead magnet or watch a video after clicking on the ad then they offer you a product that has nothing to do with the lead magnet.

This frustrates people who click on your ads. They have a bad first impression of your brand.

The chances of them doing business with you is zero. They don’t trust you. They feel like you pulled a bait and switch on them or you’re terrible at marketing.

So what makes a great offer?

You aren’t selling a product or service.

You are selling a result.

They are buying the feeling they receive from achieving the result you promised. 

For example, if you invest in my LinkedIn course, you learn how to get one new coaching client every week. 

You will be adding an additional $1000 a month to your income every time you close a deal. 

You don’t care about the LinkedIn tactics I teach. 

You want the feeling you get when you close another $1000 a month client. 

When I dropped $2500 on my Peloton bike, I didn’t care about the bells and whistles of the bike. 

I wanted the feeling I get when people ask me if I lost weight.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the bike, the trainers and the online community. 

But nothing makes me feel better than seeing the results of my workouts and having others notice that I lost 20 pounds in 2020.

New Webinar

Creating an Offer They Can't Refuse

Friday October 30th 10 AM PST/1 PM EST

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