In 2009 I attended my first Brendan Burchard event.  

There were about 1500 people jammed into the Marriott conference room in Santa Clara. 

The energy in the room was off the chart.  

Brendon’s events are high energy from start to finish and he’s on stage about 80% of the time over the four-day event.  

He never stops moving and he swears he doesn’t do caffeine.  

One of the expert guests was David Bach. 

Bach is a financial expert and best-selling author of many investment-related books including Automatic Millionaire.  

In some ways, he’s like Suze Orman providing basic investment and money management advice. 

Bach is also known for teaching you how to invest in real estate as one of your income sources.  

There are tons of real estate experts sharing their investment strategies and Bach has his own strategy.  

I don’t know if his strategy works because I’m not a real estate investor, but I do know he’s made millions teaching his strategy to thousands of wannabe real estate investors.  

There’s nothing wrong with teaching people how to invest in real estate as long as you’re teaching strategies you personally use. 

During his presentation, Bach was struggling to clearly communicate his offer.  

He’d been speaking to crowds like this for years but it seemed like it was the first time he was selling from the stage.  

You could see the sweat building on his forehead and he was searching for the right words. 

He was offering a real estate investment course for $1997 which at the time, was a pretty standard price point.  

Bach was struggling so much that Brendon ran on to the stage to rescue him.  

Brendon essentially took over the closing pitch because he wanted Bach to sell a lot of courses (Brendon gets 50% of all sales from his stage). 

Brendon masterfully clarified the offer so it was crystal clear what you’d be receiving.  

Even with Brendon’s last-minute save, not one person invested in the program (at least half the room invested in Jeff Walker's $1997 Product Launch Formula at the same event).  

I’ve seen people put down a $20k deposit to invest in real estate they’ve never seen (I’ll share that crazy story another time).  

Nobody was interested in investing in Bach’s course even though he was well known and a trusted real estate expert.  

Why wasn’t anyone running to the back of the room to invest? 


This event was in 2009 when the real estate market was collapsing.  

The sky was still falling as foreclosures hit record levels and the bottom was nowhere in sight.  

This was not the time to invest your life savings in real estate investments.  

I still wonder why Bach was trying to sell a $1997 real estate investing course at the event.  

He has other courses like David Bach’s Guide to Financial Recovery which would be more appropriate for 2009 and today. 

When you’re ready to make an offer, make sure you are offering the right product at the right time.  

Otherwise, you’ll end up with egg on your face like David Bach did. 

When did you promote the wrong product at the wrong time? Let's discuss it in the comments.

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