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What’s Up With LinkedIn?

As you know, LinkedIn is now owned by Microsoft and lots of changes are happening. From my inside sources at LinkedIn, the new desktop version of LinkedIn has some bugs so they’re slowing down the rollout. Word is that it will take until mid-year for the rollout to be completed. I’ve been hearing a lot […]

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Yes the day has arrived. Microsoft officially owns LinkedIn and ch-ch-ch-changes are happening immediately. Some of the changes: 1. LinkedIn is rolling out their new desktop app as we speak 2. LinkedIn premium accounts are changing 3. Advanced Search is going away for Premium users 4. LinkedIn is pushing power users into Sales Navigator 5. […]

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Does Your LinkedIn Ad Grab The Attention Of Others?

What makes one ad bring in sales better than another? We’ve all seen ads that grab our attention and we can’t wait to learn more. We’ve also seen ads that leave us speechless, wondering what the heck the advertiser was trying to accomplish. Are You Visibly Trying To Sell Something Go back and read that […]

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Improve Your Marketing Efforts With LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn has a collection of powerful analytics tools, that lets you measure your effectiveness on LinkedIn. Some of these tools are included with your free LinkedIn account, while others are only offered to premium account holders. These tools are a great addition to LinkedIn because now you have the ability to see how many people […]

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Why You Should Have LinkedIn Recommendations

People rarely provide written recommendations when they apply for jobs these days, so why bother getting recommendations on LinkedIn? First of all, your LinkedIn profile will not be complete until you have at least three recommendations. Getting to the All Star level on your profile is a huge accomplishment and adds a lot of credibility […]

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