Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for BusinessI've passed the halfway point of my LinkedIn 30/30 challenge. I'll be honest with you right up front. My original goal was to spend 30 minutes or less every day in June on LinkedIn helping others. I started out strong and did 10 days in a row but I didn't get a chance to spend 30 minutes every day on LinkedIn because of travel and a busy work schedule. I am back in the swing of things now and hope to finish the month strong and spend 30 minutes every day for the rest of the month with one exception that I'll explain in a minute.

One of my biggest discoveries is that Saturday seems to be the best day of the week to engage others and share content. That makes perfect sense because  we are not caught up in our day-to-day business routines. We have time to explore LinkedIn, read interesting articles and engage with others. Sunday isn't as active on LinkedIn so I'm probably going to take Sundays off for the rest of this experiment. Going forward I'll periodically check LinkedIn on Sundays but I will make it a priority to spend 30 minutes day on all other days.

The results of my 30 day experiment has been very dramatic for my personal learning and for my business. I see a clear pattern that when I spend 30 minutes a day engaging with others, more people reach out to me, more people share my content, more people visit my website, and more people invite me to connect with them on LinkedIn. On days when I haven't spent the entire 30 minutes or wasn't as engaged as I should have been, my results were minimal. So it's very clear to me now that when I'm completely engaged while on LinkedIn, I get results. If I make a half-hearted attempt at engaging with others, the results are very minimal. Hmmm. Doesn't life work the same way?

Let me share some of the results from the first 15 days of my LinkedIn 3030 challenge.

  • My network has grown over 30%
  • I receive an average of five invitations to connect every day from others when I'm fully engaged on LinkedIn
  • When I'm not fully engaged, I don't receive invitations connect and I must reach out to others to connect with them
  • On days that I am fully engaged on LinkedIn, traffic to my website has increased up to 400% above the average.
  • On days that I'm not fully engaged on LinkedIn, web traffic returns to normal patterns
  • The number of times I appear in LinkedIn search has increased 200%
  • The number of times people view my profile has increased 400%

As you see from my preliminary results, being fully engaged on LinkedIn, even for a short period of time results in more engagement on LinkedIn, on my website, and in my other social media communities like twitter and Facebook. I'll share my final results of my LinkedIn 30/30 Challenge with you at the end of the month. I'll highlight some of my wins and also share what doesn't work. This has been a tremendous learning experience for me and I hope you're picking up a few good tips to help your business.

In July I'm going to test spending just 20 minutes a day on LinkedIn while being fully engaged to see if I received the similar results. My thinking right now is if I spend any amount of time fully engaged on LinkedIn (or any other social media venue) I will see results, even if it's just 10 minutes a day. Of course I want to spend more than 10 minutes a day so I can continue to serve my LinkedIn community by sharing good content and extra questions.

Share your experiences with LinkedIn and social media in the Comments section below and I'll feature you in an upcoming newsletter.

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