Welcome to Day 2 of my LinkedIn 30/30 Challenge! My blog template broke for some reason so I'm using a temporary theme until I can fix it. Sorry for the ugly website!!

Today I didn't do a LinkedIn Recommendation so I accomplished a lot in my 30 minutes. The Recommendations are valuable so I'm going to do them outside of my 30 minute timeframe. I'm totally amazed at the engagement I'm receiving online from just Day 1. I added 14 people to my network yesterday and 5 were people reaching out to me after hearing about my challenge. I received 6 messages in LinkedIn about my challenge and lots of comments and sharing of my blog post. I'm documenting my stats and I will share everything at the end of the month.

I'm so encouraged at the response I received from Day 1 especially since I started on the first Saturday of June which is usually a day reserved for being outdoors with the family. This is going to be an amazing month!!

Here are my goals for the day and what I accomplished:

  • Post at least 2 status updates with useful information that will help my network – posted 5 status updates
  • Like, Share or Comment on at least 2 status updates posted by my network – Liked 4 updates, shared 2 and commented on
  • Ask or answer at least 2 group questions – Answered 2 group questions and commented on 5 discussions
  • Give at least 2  endorsements – I gave endorsements to 7 people
  • Invite  at least 2  people to my network – I invited 10 people to my network and 7 have accepted already.

Again I'm feeling really good about this experiment and hope you can join me. Just spend 30 minutes a day on LinkedIn and do the 5 items listed above.

See you tomorrow!

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