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How I got listed in Google in less than 48 hours

So much for the Google Sandbox and having to wait 6 months to get your URL to show up in Google. Go ahead and search for [tag-tec][/tag-tec] in Google and look what pops up. My new website. From website launch to search engine listing in less than 48 hours which is really exciting. It did […]

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Website update

I found a great resource and podcast that teaches you everything you need to know about driving traffic to your website. Go to [tag-tec][/tag-tec] and search [tag-ice]itunes[/tag-ice] for their podcast. Fantastic, bleeding edge search engine information and tips to help you dominate the search engines. Until next time, Ted Prodromou [tag-ice][/tag-ice]

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Welcome to the [tag-ice]NetBizExpert[/tag-ice] blog. This is where you’ll learn how to build a [tag-tec]successful online business[/tag-tec]. Every day I’m going to share everything I’m doing to get ranked high in the search engines and hopefully on the first page of [tag-ice]Google[/tag-ice], [tag-ice]Yahoo[/tag-ice], and [tag-ice]MSN]/tag-ice]. This blog and website were launched today May 21, 2007. […]

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