Exporting LinkedIn Connections is now easier than ever. Instead of requesting an archive of your LinkedIn data, you can select the specific data you want to receive.

In the past you had to sort through many files to find the data you were looking for. Now you get only the data you request.

Why would you need to export your LinkedIn connections?

One thing you do NOT want to do is to import them into your email autoresponder system and start marketing to them. This is a violation of the spam-can act and you could get in serious trouble not to mention fined heavily.

I export my LinkedIn connections into a CSV file then import them into a Facebook custom audience. When you do this, Facebook will give you lots of great demographic information about your LinkedIn  connections. You'll know their approximate age, job level, approximate income, marital status, do the own a home, what music they like, what movies they like and lots of other great information.

When you know this much about your LinkedIn connections, you can tailor your marketing messages to grab their attention.

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