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Seth Godin does not sleep!

I’m convinced that Seth Godin does not sleep and lives on an intravenous supply of energy drinks. How can one person write so many great books and continuously pump out tons of valuable information. Of course we all know that he must have a team of crack researchers that scour the internet constantly and I’m sure […]

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Brett Favre is a wildman!!

Have you been watching the NFL playoffs? [tag-tec]Brett Favre[/tag-tec] is 38 years old and he’s having one of the best seasons in his entire career. He’s running around like a mad man and he’s having a ball. It’s so rare to see a professional athlete actually having fun playing a game. Most athletes are under […]

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The King of Social Media Is Coming…

Yes it’s true. The rumors have been swirling for weeks and now we know they are true. The king of [tag-tec]Social Media[/tag-tec] [tag-ice]Colin McDougal[/tag-ice] is going to be our next guest speaker at The !2 Days of Christmas in January Free Webinar Series. Colin will be teaching us how to create lasting relationships with clients […]

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Is SMARTS worth $1397?

[tag-tec]StomperNet[/tag-tec] just launched [tag-tec]SMARTS[/tag-tec], it’s new [tag-ice]Web 2.0 coaching program[/tag-ice] today for $1397 or 5 payments of $297. Is a 10 week coaching program worth $1397? The [tag-tec]StomperNet[/tag-tec] guys are known for providing high-quality information and they proved it again by launching their highly successful video series [tag-ice]Going Natural 2.0[/tag-ice]. They overdelivered on their buzz […]

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Top Web 2.0 Websites

  Web 2.0 websites  Blog sites   Social Bookmarking sites     Social networking sites   News/Article submission sites   Video/slide submission sites […]

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