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Testing your headline can improve your conversion rate by 700%

Michal Fortin, master copywriter, says you can improve your conversion rate by over 700% by split-testing your headline. Copywriting is an art and the best copywriters spend countless hours split-testing their copy and headlines. They don’t just sit down and create one version of the copy. They create many versions of the copy and create […]

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Happy Holidays from NetBizExpert

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a very successful 2008!

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Social Power Linking Relaunched

[tag]Jack Humphrey[/tag] has done it again! He repackaged his fabulous [tag]Social Power Linking[/tag] training package and turned it into one of the best membership websites on the internet. [tag]Social Power Linking[/tag] teaches you how to dominate the internet using Web 2.0 and Jack is the master. Check this out before he realizes he’s not charging […]

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To the top of Google in 6 minutes!

Colin McDougal, one of my mentors, taught me a great trick the other day. He showed my how to get on the first page of Google in just 6 minutes. Yes 6 minutes. Of course I was skeptical so I gave it a try. One of my clients recently wrote a new article called Friday […]

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Maximizing your website ROI

How much is your website costing you every month? Do you have any idea how much you spend on hosting, website maintenance, website development, and website promotion? What about the hidden expenses of running an online business. I’m sure you know exactly how much you’re taking in every month but very few people know exactly […]

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