It's not easy to give a recommendation on the new LinkedIn desktop. I searched LinkedIn Help and it didn't tell me so I had to do a little exploring to find out how.


How do I give a LinkedIn recommendation with the new LinkedIn desktop? It's not as easy as it used to be as we transition to a new LinkedIn desktop layout.

People often ask me how to you write a recommendation with the new LinkedIn desktop.  I looked at LinkedIn help and there's no help. I I searched for “how to recommend somebody” and the answer was “we recently improve the LinkedIn desktop experience and the feature to recommend someone is temporarily unavailable.  I'm thinking that's crazy so I kinda just went through the desktop until I found the answer.

This is my brother-in-law's account so here you see all of his connections. I'm to give Ted a recommendation so here's how we do it. Just browse to their profile from My Network and then here just recommend Ted.

It's the very familiar way we used to give a recommendation and  I think this is going to take us from a menu eventually.  For now you have to search for the name again and I went to my account and then take you through the normal recommendation question so that's how you do it it's kinda convoluted right now a lot of steps that's how you can do it and then the other option is request a recommendation from Ted that we do the same thing. Go to the three dots there and we request a recommendation and takes it through the normal recommendation request process we are familiar with. That's it. Again,  browse to the name of the person under your network, get to the three dots and then you have your options on what to do. That's it for now updated as I find out if new things appear on the menu I'll keep you updated.

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