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Here's Walt's guest post.

You’re serious about your webinars. You put a lot of thought and hard work into each and every event, but you feel like you should be doing more.

And you probably do.

As with many parts of content marketing, there has to be constant efforts to improve. You can rely on a few key strategies, but those strategies still need to be refined to make sure you’re always on top of your game.

So what signs should you keep an eye on when it comes to webinar development? How can you tell if your sessions need work, and what steps you need to take to fix what’s not working?

Your registration numbers are low.

You have an excellent topic which you know inside and out. You are confident you can deliver a webinar that would give your audience value. So how come you’re not pulling as many registrants as you would expect?

  • Promotion. Whether you’re utilizing social media, email, or other digital platforms, it’s essential that you’re aggressive and on-point when promoting your event. Plan out a detailed pre-launch campaign and make sure to cover three things:
    • Determine your target audience (for this specific webinar).
    • Target that audience on the platform that they frequent.
    • Use compelling ad copy that matches both the audience and the platform.

There weren’t many registrants who showed up to the event.

You’re getting brilliant results in your promotional efforts. You’ve reached your target registration numbers without breaking a sweat. People are interested in your webinar and have confirmed that interest by signing up.

But out of 100 registrations, only 12 people showed up. You’ve spent all that effort on building so much buzz around your event yet are only able to pull in a measly 12 percent attendance rate. Where did you go wrong?

  • Reminders. If your lead signed up for the webinar a week or two before the event, there’s a huge chance they’ll have forgotten about it by the time of the webinar itself. They can’t help it. Life happens. This is why reminders are important. Send an email, post a status update, or tweet your reminders. Emails are the best bet – send one three days before your webinar, one day before, one hour before, and right when it’s about to start. Don’t let that sign up go to waste.

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A lot of people dropped out mid-webinar.

You have no issues with promoting your event and reminding your leads to attend. You have more than enough attendees at the start of your webinar. The problem now is that a huge chunk of them seem to sign off halfway through.

  • Presentation skills. You might need to practice more on how to grab your audience’s attention, or invite someone to host with you to liven up the conversation.
  • Engagement tools. A lot of webinar platforms offer various options to keep your audience engaged. Use polls and surveys to invite interaction from attendees.
  • Expectations. It’s important that you set proper expectations at the beginning of your session. Let your audience know how long the webinar would be and what to expect in it. One of the reasons people drop off events is that they weren’t onboarded properly.

Your attendees didn’t convert.

You promoted well, reminded effectively, and engaged your audience all throughout your webinar. At the end, though, you didn’t even come close to your conversion target.

  • Problem & solution. The best way to sell in webinars is to identifying the problem your audience is facing and establishing your product or service as the solution. You need to make sure you connect the problem and the solution very clearly to get your audience to act on your CTA.
  • Scarcity & urgency. Make the offer urgent and only available for a limited number of attendees. This will light a fire under your audience and encourage them to make a decision.

Are you having issues with YOUR webinars? What results are you expecting but are not getting? Let us know in the comments!

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