May 13

Social Selling Wednesday 11 May 2016

In this week's episode, Bob Woods and I discussed the following:

  1. LinkedIn's new Profinder service where consultants, small business owners and professional service providers create profiles to sell their services. LinkedIn members can search for your services and invite you to submit a proposal for the project. It's a great idea to match the buyers and the sellers but Profinder is just coming out of beta and needs some work. I share my experience with Profinder and some of the improvements I would like to see,
  2. We talked about being consistent with our social media posting and LinkedIn activity. If you stop posting and interacting daily, your profile views drop off the cliff.
  3. Bruce Merrifield, a retired firefigher, shared his new project where he's using LinkedIn to reach out to firemen and inviting them to share their story in his new book.
  4. And more random LinkedIn and social selling tips.

Here's the replay

[s3vpp id=a68b72ca77b904c58abcda76cb1eda62]


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