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Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business is here!

My first book is coming to a bookstore near you soon!! After many months of long days and nights, Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business is being printed as we speak. I received some advanced copies the other day and I’m so excited!! I wasn’t planning to write a book until my friend and mentor, […]

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Adding Your Twitter Account to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Twitter Settings

LinkedIn lets you add social media feeds to your LinkedIn profile. This lets your profile visitors see what you’re up to on the social media front. Adding Your Twitter Account Open your LinkedIn profile, Click on Add Twitter Account and enter your Twitter username. I prefer to Display my Twitter Account on my LinkedIn profile […]

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Adding Your Website and Blog URLs in LinkedIn for Maximum SEO Value

One of the most common mistakes people make when adding their website or blog URL to their LinkedIn profile is to choose one of the default options like Personal Website or Blog. If you choose Company Website or one of the other options in the dropdown list, your listing will look like this. I chose […]

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Searchable LinkedIn Profiles Continued

Now that you have a compelling LinkedIn profile headline, a professional photo, and your industry information filled out, it’s time to move on to the next section of your profile. Below your Basic Information is your Status Update section. ¬†Your Share updates will appear right under your Basic Information and will also appear under All […]

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Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile

Think of LinkedIn as your online resume and your profile as the introductory paragraph of your resume. As people scan your profile, they should be able to understand exactly what you do as they read your headline. Your LinkedIn profile provides people with a comprehensive summary of you, your education, work experience and your achievements. […]

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