Can I create multilingual LinkedIn profiles?

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The other day one of my clients asked me can I have two different profiles in different languages on LinkedIn and yes of course you can. So how you do it? Go to Edit your profile then under the View Profile tab you can select Create profile another language. Next you choose language that you want. Let's just say French and here you just click create profile and it'll create another profile for you in that language. You can have multiple languages and profiles on LinkedIn.

What benefit is there to having multilingual profiles on LinkedIn? One of my colleagues owns a marketing agency in Brazil so his primary LinkedIn profile is in Portuguese. He's expanding his business to the US so he needs an English version of his LinkedIn profile. Now when people in Brazil access his LinkedIn profile, they see the Portuguese version. When I view his LinkedIn profile in the US, I see the English version. Pretty cool, huh?

LinkedIn multilingual profilesYour LinkedIn profile has a default language for your profile display and also the language in which you will receive messages from LinkedIn. Content and messages will always be displayed in the language in which they are written. LinkedIn does not translate content or messages for you, so you will need to go through each section and update all necessary fields.

When a member signs in to LinkedIn and views your profile, they will see it in the language you chose when you set up your account; or, if you have multiple profiles in several languages, viewers will see the one most relevant to them. The viewer has the ability to choose from your language profiles by selecting one from the dropdown menu underneath your profile photo.

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