December 13

Blindspot – How Transparency is Killing Sales Coaching Effectiveness

Blindspot – How Transparency is Killing Sales Coaching Effectiveness


1. Discover what ‘transparency' is and why it's a blindspot for front line sales managers

2. Confirm the reasons that good sales data is important

3. Explore 3 ways the front line sales manager can avoid the blindspot and become a more effective sales coach

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Mark Sellers is CEO of Breakthrough Sales Performance™, a sales training and consulting company he founded in 1996.

Breakthrough is hired by B2B companies around the world to get their sales teams to qualify better and faster, win more sales, and build healthier pipelines. Breakthrough does this by providing enterprise wide sales training, coaching, and consulting services. Clients include Danaher, ITW, Bemis, RONA, West Pharmaceutical Services, Sartomer TOTAL, Deli Express, Microchip Technology, and many others.

The foundation of Breakthrough’s sales methodology is an innovative, game-changing approach of selling to the customer’s buying process. Mark is a thought leader in this approach. Breakthrough’s methodology was introduced in Mark’s first book The Funnel Principle published in 2008. The Funnel Principle was named a Top Ten Best Sales Book to Read by Selling Power magazine.

Mark is a frequent blogger, guest speaker for webinars, and contributor to sales industry mediums such as Selling Power magazine, Customer Think, and the American Business Journals newspapers.



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