Here's a segment from my presentation on The Productivity Success Summit which is happening this week!

Watch my full interview on The Productivity Success Summit.

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Since I thought you might be wondering about the details of this summit too, I’ve compiled this convenient list of the Top 4 questions for you!

Here we go:

1. Can I invite a friend or colleague to attend in my place?

Definitely! But I recommend you both attend. Seeing the lineup I’d say this is an event you won’t want to miss. Just forward this sign-up link to someone you’d think would benefit from joining and they can sign up for a free ticket.

Here’s the link:

2. Can I view the presentations on my own schedule?

Yes! All sessions are available to watch for 24 hours from the time they go live.

If you know you won’t be able to watch all the sessions, and would like more flexibility, I’d recommend upgrading to the all-access pass. The amazing bonus package itself is worth the price and you’ll also get a private Q&A, downloadable audio files (mp3’s) from all sessions, action guides, quizzes, access to an exclusive community…

the list goes on. It’s a super deal!

3. What’s the summit schedule?

The summit will be held December 6-9, all online when you can watch for free.

31 experts will share their proven productivity strategies and systems, taking you through these 4 phases:

Day 1 – Steal Back Your Time

Day 2 – Be More Focused

Day 3 – Stop the Information Overload

Day 4 – Gain Some Balance

Register for your free ticket now and get access to the full agenda:

4. When will you be speaking?

My presentation is TODAY! 

Don't miss out, make sure you grab your free ticket now:

I'll see you at the Productivity Success Summit today!

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