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The passing of a legend

Bill Walsh, the legendary coach of the San Francisco 49ers, passed away yesterday. He was only 75 years old. For those of you that don’t follow football, Bill Walsh not only turned around one of the worst franchises in history, he changed the game of football forever with his innovative ideas. Walsh took over the […]

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Is Mike Filsaime crazy?

Have you been folloing Mike Filsaime’s latest promotion for his 7 Figure Code home study course? It’s a classic "build the buzz" marketing campaign. I attended his event in February that became his course and it was one of the best live events I ever attended. Usually these live events turn out to be nothing […]

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Are you buying an iPhone today?

I hope you’ve been following the launch of the iPhone. It’s classic marketing on steriods. I was calling it "drip marketing" because the way Apple has been dripping information for the past 6 months. They started with the big announcement at Mac World followed by small annoucements periodically since January. As we approached today’s iPhone […]

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It’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday and I want to give you a gift to say THANK YOU! Click below to download a copy of my eBook, Attract Perfect Clients, which normally sells for $47. I’m giving it away today to celebrate my birthday. www.netbizexpert.com/birthday Happy Birthday and thanks! Ted

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Using web 2.0 to generate traffic

What is all the buzz about [tag-ice]web 2.0[/tag-ice] and what the heck is it? In a nutshell, [tag-tec]web 2.0[/tag-tec] is the new generation of the internet. The original internet was focused on one way communication. You would post a web page and people would find it and read it. They couldn’t interact with your website […]

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