It's fun watching my grandson Nathan figure out how to say his first words. 

He's so aware of everything around him. 

As he scans the room, he's soaking it all in like a human sponge. 

When something grabs his attention, he emphatically points and grunts. 

When he sees any truck, he squeals and points like crazy. 

Occasionally he says the word clear as a bell. 

Of course, he says mumma and dada a lot. 

Bubba (his bottle) is his favorite word. 

The other day he pointed at a Halloween decoration and said "SPY DER." 

He also tries to say witch, but most of the time the W comes out as a B. 

Any day now, he's going to put two or three words together and tell us exactly what's on his mind. 

Nathan will be a great verbal communicator very soon. 

Communicating clearly is essential for all of us. 

In our crazy, fast-paced world, communication is becoming a lost art. 

For those of you who've been following me for a while know I've been on a mission to become a great writer. 

I want to write great emails, sales copy and write great stories. 

Not mediocre. 


I've worked with a lot of great copywriters. 

I enjoy learning from great writers on

This morning my friend Adam asked me about the Copy Cure* course from Laura Belgray and Marie Forleo. 

I told him he was already a great writer and asked why he thought he needed another course. 

He said, "It never hurts to keep learning." 

I have to agree with Adam. 

I have at least a dozen books on becoming a better writer. 

I know I've invested in at least a dozen copywriting courses. 

And I know I'll invest in more books and classes as I hone my writing skills. 

Learning from different experts gives you different perspectives. 

I'm always looking for more ways to get better. 

I'm a huge fan of Laura Belgray and her Inbox Hero course (I'm also an official Shrimper!). 

I know Copy Cure* will take my writing to a new level. 

Check it out if you want to become a great writer. 

*These are not affiliate links so I'm not promoting this course to make some extra cash. 

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