We're in the midst of the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression and there's not a leader to be found. In times of crisis people look to their leaders for guidance and support. We keep looking but nobody is stepping up to the plate.The bailout plan or “rescue” plan has yet to emerge due to partisan politics.

President Bush makes his daily 30 second comments on the crisis but it's usually nothing more than “we hope to have a solution soon”. With the lowest approval rating of any president in history his comments are not instilling confidence in the American people.


Where the hell is our Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi? With the approval rating of Congress dropping below 10% she should be stepping up and leading us out of this mess. She should be convincing the Democrats and Republicans to put their differences aside and work together for the good of the American people. Isn't that why we elected them?

Every time Nancy Pelosi speaks, she starts with “We're in this mess because of the Republican mismanagement over the past 8 years” instead of saying something about solving the problem as soon as possible. Stop blaming and start solving Nancy!

We haven't seen strong leaders since John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. They were strong leaders that we looked up to and admired. Look at the presidents that followed JFK.

Lyndon Johnson – escalated the Viet Nam war and wouldn't even run for a second term

Richard Nixon – resigned in disgrace for lying

Gerald Ford – took over for Nixon and did nothing. Didn't even run for another term.

Jimmy Carter – one term weakling

Ronald Reagan Рwas a strong leader but slept through much of his second term due to his age

George H. W. Bush – one term wonder that led us into Iraq the first time. At least he had the sense to get out in a timely manner.

Bill Clinton – impeached for lying about an affair with an aide.

George W. Bush – called the worst president in history by many, even by his own party

Where are John McCain and Barack Obama? If they were true leaders they would be stepping up right now and providing solutions to this disaster. Both are tip toeing around the issue so they don't make a huge mistake just before the election.

This is the time for you to step up and take the lead, even if it's just in your business or your community. Every business needs a strong leader and you need to embrace the leadership role of your business. If you're the owner of your business and you're not leading, who are your employees following?

Become a leader right now and lead your employees. To help lead our country take a look at your elected officials and don't vote for them when they're up for election if they are not leading this country. With an approval rating of less than 10% none of the current Congress should be re-elected.

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